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The American Dream is alive and well, albeit a little more complicated than when the concept was invented. For anybody that is looking into real estate and the process of buying a home there is a lot to be understood; especially for first time home buyers. Few things can be as exciting as looking for a new home, there are so many options and possibilities to explore!
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When considering buying a new home there are many things that a potential buyer should consider. The first step is to determine where you want to live and what kind of neighborhood you really want to call home. Is the neighborhood close enough to schools that you like? Is the commute going be conducive to a pleasant drive to and from work? Is the neighborhood surrounded by good markets for shopping and/or entertainment? All are questions that must be considered when looking at purchasing a new home. With such a big investment it is crucial that all of what you are getting is close to your checklist of desires. Are you looking for some space in the country, or are you looking for a city scape with lots of kids for the family? Investors should make sure to be honest and open with their realtor when establishing what they want in their potential home. Whether that is the very popular open floor plan, an extra large kitchen, or a mud room for the kids. The more specific you are about your criteria the better the odds that your realtor will be able to find you your dream home. For example, if your potential new property has a pool, but no fence; and as a buyer you want one installed, for peace of mind, you can ask that the seller reduce the price before closing. That reduction of price can potentially get your safety fence installed, or maybe the seller counteroffers that they add the cost of instillation into the closing costs; then the seller gets it installed so you don’t have to concern yourself about construction upon moving into your new home.

prescott real esateAnother important point when considering buying a home is feasibility and finances. For those that aren’t familiar with purchasing property it can be a very daunting process. Luckily your realtor will be an excellent source of information. After all, their job is to help you make this process a success and something that you will enjoy. From closing and escrow to signing a contract there are many opportunities to voice your desires and make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. Many times sellers are willing to work with you to close the deal so make sure to voice any concerns or requests. After all not asking is the quickest way to get a no.

In looking for a new home any buyer should remember to look at the big picture, it is important that the home is structurally sound with a solid roof, and in the heat of Arizona a well working air conditioning unit is a must. If work needs to be done on a home a buyer must be realistic and sure that they are able to tackle such project. However those that are ready to tackle some DIY fixes find that they are able to find a diamond in the rough and turn it into a true paradise.

Kitchen renovationIt is still a buyers market with housing prices both reasonable and with interest rates that are low. After doing a little research and finding the right real estate agent, who truly wants to give you the keys to your new home a buyer has all the opportunities in the world to find the property that they have always wanted. Remembering to have open communication with their agent, a checklist of what they want out of a home and neighborhood, as well as the knowledge that they have the power to voice any requests or concerns, home buying can be enjoyable and an adventure for a family to undertake. Anything is possible for those that are willing to explore their options and understand that they have the power to make their dreams come true.

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