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Saying Goodbye to Your Prescott Family Home

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Prescott Family Home

It’s easy to tell yourself that your house is just a building made of walls and ceilings and light fixtures and flooring, but when it comes time to sell, you may start to feel the sting of grief.

After all, you don’t know if the new owners will take care of the rows and rows of brilliant iris that line the fence in the spring or if they’ll cut down the crepe myrtle because they don’t realize it waits for the first kiss of summer heat to spring back to life.

Will they paint your daughter’s former bedroom and cover up the mural she spent so much time creating? Will they take out the built-in desk and bookcases you made for your son?

Maybe saying goodbye isn’t the easy process you thought it would be.

Selling Your Prescott Family Home is a Type of Loss

When you’re selling your family home, it’s not just a building that you’re saying goodbye to. It’s all the memories you made there, however, maybe most importantly, the security of that one place you could always fall back to if life started kicking you too hard. This goes for the house that you raised your kids in as well as the house where you were raised — both are genuine losses.

“You’re dismantling something that was once precious, and you have to go through grief and mourning when this happens.” psychologist Dr. Arthur Kovacs explained in an Interview with the Chicago Times.

Of course, that’s only part of the story. Another element that makes it so hard to quit a family home is the link between memory and physical space. When your memories are tangled in with your home, it can be hard to let go.

“We have memories and associations that are connected to all of those things that make houses so heavily connected to ourselves,” Duke University’s department of psychology and neuroscience chair, Dr. Scott Huettel, goes on to explain the phenomenon to the New York Times.

Easing Into Selling Your Prescott Family Home

Much of the time when you’re looking to sell a family home, it’s due to a big change in life. Maybe your kids have all left home and you’re planning to downsize or maybe your parents have passed away and you’re having to liquidate their estate. No matter the reason, it’s one of the hardest things you can do, even if you think you’re totally prepared.

How do you get ready for such a big sacrifice? It’s all about your mindset. Start to detach from the house by taking down and packing anything that’s personal. This includes photos, crafted decorations, paintings and so forth. As you take these things off the walls, the space starts to become more generic, less personal and it gets easier to consider selling the house.

If you’re still feeling the pain at this point, work on other parts of the house. Remember that crack in the wall from four years ago when the game controller flew from your son’s hand and hit the drywall at full force? Patch that up. Your Prescott home buyer probably won’t even notice it, but you will. Sterilize your home until you can bear to sign the papers

When the Offer To Purchase Your Home Comes Through

The day will come that you get an offer. Resist the urge to flat out reject it, no matter the price. This is where the rubber meets the road — it’s now grossly apparent that you’re selling the house you poured so much of yourself into rather than just thinking about it.

It’s time for a wake.

Maybe you’d be better to call it a “remembrance party” or something a little cheerier, but the whole point is to say goodbye in a big way so you can get the closure you need. Some people go room by room to have one last good walk down memory lane, others celebrate by doing something they hadn’t gotten around to doing, like hosting a luau.

Your goodbye will be best if you do it in a way that’s meaningful to you and your family. There aren’t really any shortcuts when it comes to grief, unfortunately. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s not “just a house.” That’s the building that sheltered and protected you year after year. That’s the stuff that attachment is made of.

When You’re Ready to List or Buy…blank

The market’s continuing to heat up even as you’re reading this blog. If you’ve been thinking about downsizing, this is a great time to sell that big home and move into something more energy efficient and easier to care for. You’re not alone in your efforts and Tim Eastman of Realty ONE Group in Prescott is experienced in assisting families in Downsizing or if you need to expand to a larger home in Prescott or the surrounding area we can help. Contact us for professional assistance with questions you may have.

Why Is A Vacation In The Prescott Area A Good Idea?

A vacation in Prescott, Arizona is going to be a nice idea for your family, and you can find a thousand things to do when you come to the city. Prescott lies out in the desert like an oasis that is going to help you make the most of your time traveling across this great country. Prescott has built itself up as a massive city that can give you the best time while giving you a nice stop on your way to the west coast. So whether your looking for a vacation spot of homes for sale in Prescott you’re going to really enjoy yourself.

Prescott’s Geography

Prescott’s Geography makes it easy for you to have a good time on your next trip because you will be able to do everything in just one stop. There are magical golf courses sitting on the flat parts of the city that allow you to see the amazing sights behind you in the mountains. You can go climbing in the mountains, and you will have fun kayaking down the river when it gets cool outside. Prescott has everything you need, and you just need to decide where you are going to start.

prescott golfGolf

The award-winning courses in the city are going to provide you with all the game you need to have fun when you pass through. Bring your clubs because these courses have greens feed, and you will be able to hit many of them on your trip. There are packages that allow you to play multiple courses during your trip, and you must make sure that you schedule as much golf as you can get. Prescott prides itself on being a haven for the guy who loves a good golf game, and you must make sure you always have your clubs with you.

The River

prescott riverThe river is going to allow you to take a trip down the waters, and you will be able to get all your kids and your spouse on the river at the same time. These soft courses will allow you to have a nice time when you make your way through the area, and you will notice that the area has a much better selection of places to relax. People who are camping will be able to make their way to the shore at any time, and people who are visiting from the trails may raft down the river to a new camping spot.

The City Center

The city center is a great place to go because it has all the shops and restaurants that you will need to have a nice time. Anyone who is going to come to the city is going to have a nice walk wherever they like to shop or eat without trouble. There are many nice shops, and there are even more restaurants that you will enjoy. This is something that kids will enjoy because they can run around outside, and you can eat very well when you are hungry. The city is home to many great chefs, and all their eateries are great places to sit down for a meal.

The Arts Culture

prescott city centerThe arts in Prescott are thriving, and you can always find live music and entertainment in every place you go. You can find someone playing a bar downtown, or you can go to a show that is going to feature the best that the community has to offer. You can see musicals in the downtown theater, and you can see concerts of the best artists who are passing through the area.

Lodging Deals

Lodging deals are going to help you take a nice trip to the Prescott area for less money. You need to have a place to stay when you are traveling in the area. You need to have a nice place where you will be able to enjoy your stay, and these hotels are often so nice that you will not want to leave. These places have their own shops and restaurants that will make your stay that much more enjoyable.

There are many ways to have a good time in Prescott, and you need to make sure that you are going to get the most enjoyment out of your stay. This oasis is going to make you want to come back every year.

It’s a Great Time to Buy A Home for Retirement

Preparing for the retirement is the cornerstone of your foundation. This is mainly because lack of a place to live can totally destroy your chance to have a peaceful golden year life and achieving financial independence. As you see with many retirees living in rental or nursing homes, unexpected events can take their toll on you physically as well as monetarily. If you own a home in Prescott AZ before you retire, consider yourself the lucky one.

While most people do not approach the subject of owning a home in a safe and convenient neighborhood like they should, it is essential to make plans for yourself and people who rely on you before or when retirement happens. Once you are in a house of your choice in Prescott AZ, you will then be free to concentrate on your retirement goals. If you have not yet retired, this is the best time to invest in real estate property in this serene city of beautiful retirement communities. Buying the property that suits well to your needs and budget means insuring your life against potential losses that could result if you are unable to have a shelter of your own for an extended period of time especially when there is illness or injury.

As a part of your active adult communities search plan, consider what Prescott AZ homes have to offer. This city has many residential communities that come with clubhouse, pool, spa, playgrounds, games club, entertainment opportunities, recreational areas, golf course properties and much more. Decide what you would like to have based on your preference and budget. Consult an agent or an adviser to ensure that these facilities are properly accessible to your living condition and meet all your requirements. Cost and features of these 55+ retirement homes vary widely from one community to another and builder to builder, so compare several to find one that fits your lifestyle. If you are unable to find one immediately, signing up for builder’s email newsletters will create a list of upcoming projects you can explore later.

In addition, there are certain other reasons to buy a property here. When it comes to real estate, there is always market risk where prices move up in sync with demand. Because market changes may be triggered by this factor that is beyond the control of people, there is little that you can do to guard against it when your resources are limited. As people live longer, long-term housing is becoming popular way to protect health and wealth. Rental home costs are steadily increasing and an average yearly rent could cost $20,000 or more in some cities. Purchasing a house in real estate Prescott AZ is not only affordable but better when you consider the financial impact of renting. Some home prices are based on your age at the time you purchase it, therefore you will get to avail the benefits of senior discounts as well. Also, providing for those you love allows them to achieve financial independence in the event that you are not there. This might mean a place to live and a lifestyle that you and your loved ones always dreamed of. There are a number of methods you can use to implement these dreams and purchasing a home in Prescott AZ is one of them.

If you’d like to know more about about Prescott real estate, then contact area expert Tim Eastman.

Looking for a Great Place to Retire? Look No Further than Prescott, Arizona

When it comes to retirement, it can be difficult to make a choice on the ideal location. There are several factors that contribute to a place’s livability including weather, real estate prices, amenities, etc. One of the best places to retire for individuals 55+ is Prescott, AZ. Let’s now take a look at some reasons why this it’s such a desirable location.

Nice Weather

If you don’t want to deal with overly frigid temperatures in the winter or stifling heat in the summer, you will like Prescott AZ weather. Because of the elevation, summers tend to be cooler than other areas in Arizona such as Phoenix and Yuma. In most cases, summer temperatures will reach the low 90’s and dip down into the 50’s at night. Throughout the winter, you can expect mind weather, and daytime temperatures are typically in the 40’s and 50’s. There is also an abundance of sunshine with an average of 277 days a year being sunny. When compared with many other areas of the United States, it’s hard to beat the weather of Prescott.

Prescott AZ Real Estate

Unlike some other common retirement spots in the country such as Florida where there are outrageous home prices, living in Prescott is fairly affordable. According to Trulia, “the median sales price for homes in prescott AZ for Oct 14 to Dec 14 was $242,000.” This price has actually dropped from a year earlier when it was $259,900. With plenty of Prescott homes for sale under $250,000 and some surrounding areas for closer to $200,000, it’s feasible for most middle income families to live there. So if you’re looking for a nice spot without spending a fortune in the process, this is definitely an area to consider.


Due to the weather, this is an excellent place for playing golf, which can be done throughout the year. There are several courses to choose from with beautiful layouts and stunning views. If you’re a nature lover and enjoy the great outdoors, there are numerous parks and lakes where you can enjoy the lovely desert scenery. Prescott is also a city that’s known for the arts, and there are several arts and cultural events that celebrate the unique vibe of the area. If you’re into history, you can learn all about the Native Americans that inhabited the region and the Old West.

In terms of shopping, the Prescott Gateway Mall has everything you need including an indoor mall and outdoor shopping village. There are also numerous restaurants where you can find everything from Italian to traditional Southwestern food.

If you’d like to learn more about Prescott or housing opportunities in the area, contact area Tim Eastman.

Prescott Arizona An Ideal Place to Retire

Prescott Arizona is a lovely city to consider when you are contemplating where to live when you retire. Prescott is located in north central Arizona in the scenic Bradshaw Mountains at an altitude of 5,400 feet. Due to the areas high rainfall and early, dry summer period, Prescott has mild winters and warm summers.

The scenic city of Prescott is a great place to live if you enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle. You can choose to ride your bike, go for a walk, or take a hike as there are over 68 miles of trails that you can choose from. The extensive trail system will allow you to explore many different areas including the beautiful outdoor region along the former Santa Fe Railroad or the Greenway Trails which run alongside the Granite and Miller creeks leading to the downtown Prescott area.

There are always plenty of year-round outdoor events in which to participate like the annual November Cranksgiving Prescott event, which includes a bike ride and a food drive along with a fun scavenger hunt. If you are an experienced bicyclist and are looking for a challenging bike trail to ride, you can take advantage of the Skull Valley loop, a 60 mile bike trail that descends into the desert and then ascends into the mountains around Prescott.

Prescott offers a small town quality of life while also offering the benefits of a large metropolitan area with museums, art galleries, wineries, shopping, and a casino. Prescott is the largest urban area within Yavapai County which is the fastest growing county in Arizona, offering a full range of different styles of housing in various price ranges. Prescott’s lovely historical downtown area, also known as Whiskey Row, has access to four golf courses within the city limits. The city hosts many annual events such as Frontier Days, the World’s Oldest Rodeo, the Bluegrass Festival, a Cinco de Mayo celebration, the Folk Arts Fair, the Prescott Film Festival and the Navajo Rug Auction.

Prescott is the location of Arizona’s historical first Elk Lodge. On the other end of the spectrum, Prescott is the home of several well-known punk bands including Bueno and Hour of the Wolf. There is something for everyone in Prescott! In fact, in 2008 the Yavapai Courthouse Plaza was recognized as one of the ten Great Public Places in America by the American Planning Association, a designation shared by such well-known places as New York city’s Central Park and Santa Monica Beach in California. With great real estate Prescott AZ has attracted many retirees. Prescott is included on the list of best places to retire in the US, based on subjective and statistical elements including various attributes such as climate, low taxes, cultural amenities and a low crime rate.

To see some of the great homes Prescott Real Estate has to offer take a look at our site: or if you’d like to talk to someone to find out more about Prescott and available homes, contact Tim Eastman.

Retirement Communities in Prescott AZ

If you would like to find out more about retirement communities in Prescott AZ and active adult amenities, use the unique map based search options on Contact a retirement real estate expert today for more information.

For many, Prescott, Arizona consists of a mecca for retirement. It hosts thriving and burgeoning market for Prescott active adult homes. Semi-custom, custom and custom home builds from scratch attract seniors seeking to retire, year round. They find ideal home options, a moderate climate, plenty of privacy and an abundance of conveniences. They find a perfect place to retire!

Retirement Communities in Prescott AZ and the Active Adult Lifestyle

For anyone, seniors and other age groups inquiring about living in Prescott, the welcoming, laid-back western hometown feel often seals the deal. Retirement communities, each host their own unique brand of the Prescott lifestyle and active adult features. They encapsulate much of the spirit of the community, with many amenities sure to please the most discerning active adult. In fact, retirement communities in Prescott AZ typically exhibit master-planning and quality craftsmanship in available homes. They include an abundance of amenities designed for optimum enjoyment in both passive and active pursuits.

Numerous golf course features make up just one of the amenities included with much Prescott active adult homes. A popular retirement community Hassayampa Village, includes such features with a premier course, clubhouse and golf course homes. Prescott Lakes, an active, partially age-restricted enclave, includes an 18-hole Hale Irwin Golf course. Two neighborhoods showcase 100% age restricted, senior living. These are the Cottages by Del Webb and Willow Park Estates. Several other retirement communities in Prescott AZ include Victorian Estates and The Gardens and Willow Creek.

Those interested in Prescott real estate, with retirement in mind can expect to find beautiful options in property types, from cozy condos and townhomes, to spacious single family homes and custom estates. They can expect to find a wide range of curb and price appeal. Finally, they can expect to find an irresistible opportunity to experience the good life in Prescott active adult homes embraced by a coveted lifestyle, where everyday feels like a vacation.