Horse Properties in Prescott

Prescott, Arizona is a Great Place for a Horse Property

One of the most horse-friendly places to live is Prescott, Arizona. Here, you will have the luxury of enjoying a peaceful and scenic surrounding, coupled with lots of space and accommodation for your horse or horses to live free and unencumbered by restrictions on grazing. With the availability of horse properties for sale in this location, you may never want to go anywhere else. The warmth and charm of traditional and western flare along with friendly people fits Prescott’s nickname: Everyone’s Hometown.

Historically, Prescott is home to The World’s Oldest Rodeo. Due to the city’s popularity with horse-related attractions like long riding trails, it is also home to numerous horse lovers and their families. The decision to cash in on a piece of Prescott real estate, therefore, will more than benefit your love of horses. It will enhance your life because it gives you the best of both worlds — stability, safety and security for your horses, as well as belonging to a great community. Added to its year-round activities and featured opportunities, it’s an ideal place to raise a family because of its family friendly atmosphere. It boasts great school districts, shopping malls, plazas, market-priced homes, and endless outdoor activities.

If the equestrian property you are seeking must possess mountains, valleys, lakes and acres of land for ranches, Prescott is where you need to be. With areas allocated specifically for the purpose of accommodating horses and all that comes with raising them, you will find the terrain bursting with greenery due to its mild climate and seasonal rainfall. Not only will horses be able to live a healthy and prosperous lifestyle because it is steeped in the history of the Old West, but they will benefit from the modern amenities and updated living.

One of the factors that makes Prescott stand out as a great place for a horse property is that the lifestyle has been proven over time. Residents who live here do so because of the ease and comfort of dealing with their horses. With this foreknowledge, you can enter the real estate market with trust and confidence that you are making the right decision. The experience of waking up to a breath-taking view of natural beauty speaks for itself.

Whether you decide to buy a home or construct your own based on personality and lifestyle, the beautiful Prescott AZ weather presents good reasons to purchase horse property here. With the sun beaming down upon your equine land and the rain to support the perfect natural habitat, it will definitely complement the equestrian lifestyle of farms, stables and horseback riding. It’s simply a matter of knowing what you want.

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Prescott Real Estate for Horse Lovers

If you’re a horse lover, you’re going to love Prescott, Arizona. “The World’s Oldest Rodeo” at Prescott Frontier Days says it all about the equine heritage of the area. Riding miles of trails, camping in national and state forests, meeting horse enthusiasts of all kinds, and enjoying a casual Western atmosphere make Prescott a perfect choice for equine activities. And, the gorgeous scenery and mild weather make outdoor riding a real pleasure year-round.  Click Here to search for Prescott Area Horse Properties currently for sale.

You’ll Feel Right at Home

Don’t let the name “World’s Oldest Rodeo” fool you, though. Horse lovers will find just about every kind of activity they could hope for, from traditional and western dressage, hunting/jumping, cutting, reining and roping, and clinics and events for the whole family. Tack swaps, demonstrations, and activities like the yearly Arizona Equifest mean you’ll be right at home with other horse-minded people in the Prescott area. You’ll also find feed supplies, training, boarding, and veterinary services to provide everything you need to care for your animals.

If you want to live in a place where great homes meet perfect horse properties, then Prescott Real Estate has a lot to offer you. Maybe it’s time to start looking for that horse-friendly dream home that you’ve always wanted. Maybe you’re ready to build that home and you’re looking for a site with an amazing view. Prescott offers all that and more. You’ll find private gated communities in elite locations like American Ranch, with country club amenities like hot walkers, covered arenas, and turnout paddocks. Properties are often available in 1–3 acre sizes.

Then there are mid-size 4–10 acre properties available in communities like Blackjack Ridge, or even larger offerings in areas like Las Vegas Ranch. Available underground water makes these selections a great choice. There is undeveloped land suitable for developing as larger ranching parcels, too. It all depends on how big you want to go, and how close you’d like to be to town and your neighbors.

Selecting a Horse Property

Some things to consider when you’re looking at horse properties around Prescott:
• How close to town do I want to be? Are the roads paved?
• How far are my neighbors?
• Is there municipal water available or do I need to drill a well? (Particularly important in arid Arizona.)
• Is there a homeowners association?
• How many animals do I plan to have? (There may be grazing restrictions in place in certain areas.)
• How important is the view?
• And, of course, what’s my budget?

So whether you’re looking for one acre or one hundred, Prescott is sure to have something that fits the bill beautifully. Please feel free to contact us when you’re ready to own that property you’ve always wanted. We’ll help you find that perfect place for you and your horses right here in our area.

Prescott Equestrian Lifestyle

In large part due to the abundance of open space and pristine natural surroundings, the Prescott region reflects many equestrian elements and in some pocket areas a refined, equestrian lifestyle. Prescott equestrian lifestyle can be evidenced in many aspects of the region. Horse ranches, training, boarding and horseback riding providers, stables, tack and feeds all appear in the vicinity. Riding trails appear extensive, together with private, equestrian amenities and properties.

Amenities and Attractions of the Prescott Equestrian Lifestyle

Some of the many horse friendly communities in and around Prescott include Crossroads Ranch in Prescott, Inscription Canyon in Prescott, Granite Oaks in Prescott and American Ranch in Prescott. They include Prescott Ridge in Prescott Valley, High Chaparral, Rim Rock in Paulden, Coyote Springs in Prescott Valley, Long Meadow Ranch in Prescott and Williamson Valley Ranch in Prescott. Homes in these communities typically appear with plenty of riding trails all around. They typically appear on grounds averaging from around 2 – 15 plus acres. Plenty of room to roam and ride!

The Prescott equestrian lifestyle comes with plenty of opportunities for those in the area who do not own equestrian property, but either own a horse or are at least horse enthusiasts. Top notch horse boarding and horseback riding can be found in a number of providers. These include Kim Mcelroy Training Stables, Free Rein Sporthorses, Horses with H E A R T, Inc., Foothills Ranch, Bumble Bee Ranch Adventures, Granite Mountain Stables. Many other providers include special training, dude ranches and more. Horse lovers find no shortage of equestrian amenities. conducive to ownership and care of their beloved steeds and immense opportunities for riding them.

Every level, from beginner to expert horse enthusiast finds expression in the many resources and providers to choose from. Prescott real estate makes it possible to aspire to or attain the ideal equestrian lifestyle. If you would like to find out more about the Prescott Equestrian lifestyle, browse Contact an expert in the area for more information.

Prescott Horse Property

Find out about premier horse property available in north central Arizona. Get details on Prescott equestrian properties, vacant land for sale, fenced parcels in a variety of acreage and more. Browse www.PrescottAzHomeSearch.

Prescott horse property makes up one of several popular markets in Prescott real estate. Horse property can be found in remarkable choices that stretch across the open spaces, into Prescott Valley and Chino Valley. They typically come with all the trimmings and trappings for ranchers and equestrian enthusiasts of every stripe.

Prescott Horse Property and Lifestyle Amenities

Bounded by stunning mountains, canyons, lakes and valleys, an incredibly scenic environment with a variety of parcels, homes with acreage sizes and miles of trails make up Prescott equestrian properties in this north central Arizona area. A variety of land – both rural and semi-rural showcase equestrian friendly features. These may include arenas and pasture land. Tack and barn amenities. They offer a unique, equestrian experience in, a world apart, yet close to every convenience and service in Prescott, Prescott Valley or Chino Valley.

Prescott horse property may include niches in the foothills and mountain hideaways. Beautiful, pristine areas of forest preserves open up to exploration on horse back. Opportunities for ownership of horse properties appear in abundance all around the expansive valley areas, throughout the region.

When searching for Prescott equestrian properties, the options seem to be endless. From small homes within close proximity to scenic trails, to multi-acre properties, horse lovers have an abundance of desirability awaiting them amid real estate in the area. Get the details with the unique lifestyle resource and map search in this blog article. Contact area expert, Tim Eastman for more information.