Neighborhoods in Prescott

A Guide To Real Estate In Prescott, Arizona

Prescott, Arizona is a small city located in the beautiful Bradshaw Mountains north of Phoenix. The city is fairly small, with only around 40 thousand residents. Unlike Phoenix, real estate in Prescott tends to be a bit pricy at times. In fact, housing tends to cost about one and a half times the national average. However, there still are good real estate deals to be found.

On the cheaper end, it is definitely possible to purchase a house in Prescott for under a hundred thousand dollars. A lot of these houses tend to be around a thousand square feet, or less. However, you must use caution when purchasing the cheapest homes. Some of them may have problems, such as leaky roofs, leaking pipes, or other technical/structural problems. Additionally, many of these homes are not actually located right in Prescott itself, but outside of town. With these homes, the cost of the necessary repairs may bring the price up to as much as for any other house. Before purchasing a low priced home, talk with your realtor about such problems and how much the needed repairs are likely to cost.

There are a lot of homes available in the 100-200 thousand dollar price range. A lot of these homes are of decent quality. Some of them even feature beautiful views of the Bradshaw Mountains. Still, when considering purchasing a house in this price range, it is important to inquire about any structural or technical problems with the house. It is important to note that some of these homes are still fairly small, and a family may not be able to live in them.

In the 200-400 thousand dollar range, there are some homes that are truly quite elegant. Most homes at this price level tend to be fairly well built and lack any serious problems of a technical nature. However, still, it is a good idea to inquire with the realtor before making the purchase.

If you have a larger budget, there are homes available over 400 thousand dollars. In fact, there are some homes in the Prescott area that are worth over a million dollars. Houses in this price range tend to be quite large. Some of them have six bedrooms or more. Many of them feature incredible views of the mountains. If you are purchasing a house in this price range, you want to make sure you are getting a truly exceptional home, not just an overpriced one.

As far as neighborhoods in the Prescott area, most of the city is pretty safe. Compared to the rest of Arizona, Prescott is significantly safer. However, areas near the bars downtown tend to have somewhat higher crime rates. Still, no area of the city is really a “dangerous” neighborhood. Something else that is important to note is that areas near the bars are likely to be quite noisy at night, even at late hours. Patrons leaving the bars late at night might be loud and keep you awake, if you are living in those areas. If you would like to purchase property in Prescott, feel free to contact us, the Tim Eastman group.

Buying Real Estate in Prescott

Whether you are a retiree looking for a peaceful, sunny place to spend your golden years, a single person who prefers a small town, or a family looking for the ideal place to raise a family, moving to Prescott, Arizona may be “just the place.” Located in northern Arizona, Prescott’s set in a mountainous region with beautiful views, has an American small town feel, a temperate climate with the sun shining nearly 270 days a year. There’s a great sense of community in this town. The schools in the area have a solid reputation, and the activities offered throughout the year provide something for everyone to enjoy. There are festivals for all seasons, hiking trails, golf, markets, museums, and rodeos, to name just a few. For those who are considering making Prescott their home, here are some tips for the search for Prescott AZ real estate.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can find real estate that will serve your purposes. Many retirees may be looking for a 55 and older retirement neighborhood with golf or tennis close by. Homes for summer use are available. For those looking for luxury,you may choose a nearby gated section with exclusive golf courses and country clubs are available. Couples or families who thrive on country living can find homes in the mountains, equestrian estates and even ranches. One can find property for sale where a custom designed house can be built. Some newcomers choose to live in the charming downtown area of Prescott. There are a number of resources and methods you can use to survey the areas and find the type of residence you would like to purchase.

You might try just driving around the different residential areas and getting a feel for what’s available. When you begin a more serious search for homes for sale in Prescott AZ, there are many brochures and advertisements to consult and now is the time to find a good real estate agent. Try making some tentative decisions about the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and how much you want to spend on your new home.

The diversity of homes for sale in Prescott and surrounding areas is amazing. For those with a limited income, there are modest homes in town and in the areas nearby. Plenty of homes are large, just right for a family, but reasonably priced. Luxury homes are spacious, built on a large parcel of land, and often have a lovely view.

For those who have heard about and are thinking about relocating to Prescott, visiting this town and all it has to offer might be a wise idea. Anytime you choose to visit, there will be activities and festivals to participate in. There’s always something going on. Taking in the various options you have for a choice of residence will help to give you a feel for the town. Talk to merchants and other locals and listen to what they have to say about their town.

If you’d like to find out more about Prescott real estate, contact Tim Eastman.

Prescott Neighborhoods

Prescott, Arizona continues to be in the forefront of best places to retire in the nation. At the same time, it continues to possess all the historic western, small town charm that makes it endearing to most people. Prescott real estate continues to capture the attention of all age groups and family sizes, with historic, vintage and new, Prescott neighborhoods, homes and home sites. People can find everything, from cozy bungalows and starter homes, to spacious country club homes, estates and custom home sites. They can find all this and more amid some of the most beautiful, rugged country in the nation, a marvelous, temperate climate, and a genuine sense of community.

Prescott Neighborhoods, Real Estate and Lifestyle Amenities

Some popular and sought after neighborhoods in ‘Everybody’s Hometown”, include the following:

High Valley Ranch, a high-end enclave with large homes and home sites nestled amid tall Ponderosa pines, impeccably kept streets and grounds. Prescott homes for sale here begin at around $1 million. Their high value takes into account master-craftsmanship, custom design and creative landscaping that enhances the natural beauty. High Valley Ranch comes complete with a gated entrance, the National forest at its borders and 2 plus acre home sites. A world apart, it puts residents amid an optimum in secluded, semi-rural living, while just minutes from the town center. Prescott neighborhoods do not come much better planned and arrayed than High Valley.

Highland Pines provides a more rustic approach to gracious living in the community. It occupies a forested location and includes cabin homes. These appear northwest of the town center in mountain hideaways. Highland Pines provides the perfect solution in luxury cabin homes, away from it all, but still within easy access to every convenience. Many people choose Highland Pines from among Prescott neighborhoods for vacation or permanent homes. They find the surrounding, Prescott National Forest provides the utmost, added ingredients for idyllic, rural living. Horse privileges and trails take it to the next level for the equestrian lifestyle. Those interested can expect to find a wide assortment of homes, from cozy cottages to huge, extravagant cabins.

Numerous other neighborhoods, with highly desirable, unique features all their own, and sure to please appear in the community. If you would like to find out more, browse Contact area expert, Tim Eastman, for more information.