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Family Activities You´ll Love in Prescott, Arizona

Discovering the specialties of any particular area is always fun and adventurous, but when you are house shopping, it’s also important to explore what lies beyond the neighborhood your possible future home is situated in. You can find out a great deal from what types of events and festivals are offered in the area. Prescott, Ariz., is no different, and has many different activities for the entire family, and September is no different.

For those interested in music, you’ll be quite happy with the wide assortment of concerts offered. Throughout early Sept., music lovers will also be able to enjoy new talent at the Summer Concert series, held sporadically. There’s a lot of local talent in the area! Gary Morris will be in concert on Saturday, September 12. He is followed by the band Living With The Past, a Jethro Tull band, will make its first live appearance. They will perform in the Elks Theater on Thursday, September 16. Friday, September 25 holds a treat for those who love the Doobie Brothers. A tribute, Listen to the Music, is scheduled. For those interested in Beethoven, you won’t feel left out. Maestro Tito Muñoz will begin his second season at the Virginia P. Piper Center with Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

Fairs and Craft Shows
The 30th Annual Faire on the Square Arts and Crafts Show will commence Sept. 5 in the Courthouse Plaza at 9 am. Ending at 5 pm, the Faire is also scheduled for the following two days, Sunday and Monday, for the same time frame. Quilts, wood workings, pioneer toys, and many other items are to be found here, along with demonstrations or pioneer life.The Highlands Festival will have its premier annual festivities the following weekend, beginning on Friday, Sept. 11. This festival runs for three days, and will have many different guest speakers, workshops, activities, presentations, and demonstrations. It is geared towards everyone in the family.
The Native American presence is very strongly felt in Prescott, and a full three-day PowWpw is held in late Sept., running from Sept. 25 through to the evening of Sept. 27.

Other Events
For youngsters ages 3 to 5, and their parents, they’ll be more than happy to learn about the natural world. The series begins on Saturday, Sept. 26 and runs every Saturday following through the month of October. For all ages, there is a walking tour on the same day at the JS Acker Memorial Park, beginning at 9:30 am.
Fishing and camping are activities that many families enjoy, and there are four beautiful lakes that many prefer over the rest. Watson Lake and Goldwater Lake are two of the four, and they are known for their sparkling clean water. Lynx Lake also has a recreation area, making it one place many enjoy for more than just the beautiful water. Trails are well marked and very scenic for photographers’ enjoyment.prescott real estate

Activities in Prescott, Ariz. are numerous and varied, providing entertainment, and educational activities, for the entire family. While many only last for an afternoon or an evening, or a few days, Prescott is full of natural beauty and history that everyone can enjoy. The Sharlott Hall Museum, the Phippen Museum, and the Heritage Park Zoo are all open for much longer periods of time, ensuring hat Sept. is not the only month to find activities to engage in. There’s never a reason to be bored in Prescott, Ariz.

How Do You Pick The Right House?

Choosing the right place to live is a hard decision for many people who have never bought a house before. You have things that you want to get out of your new home, but you are not sure how you are going to get there. There are things that you might have forgotten, and there are things that you would never have thought of in a million years. You should have a look at what you need to know about your new house before you buy it.

The Neighborhood

You can pick a good neighborhood just by looking at local crime rates and home values. A good neighborhood has little to no crime, and the home values are always going up. You will be able to get into a neighborhood that has practically no danger, and you can be sure that the houses will hold their value over time. You may move on to other factors once you pick the neighborhood, but you must be sure that the neighborhood is right before you keep going.


You can pick a place that is near a good school, but you have to tour the school to make sure it is a good place for your kids. See if you can have an administrator provide you a tour. While going on the tour you can verify if the administrator is the kind of person who cares about the staff and student. The school should be clean and have plenty of space for the kids to explore and play.


You are looking for a house that is going to give you an easy commute, but you cannot buy a house too close to your job if it is in a bad area. You need to get as far away from your job as you can without making it too hard for you to get to work. Balancing the trip with the place you want to live is hard to do.

The Design

Don’t buy a house with a layout you don’t like. You need to go into each house and look over the layout with care. The houses that have layouts you don’t like won’t be good places to live for you or your family. Walk around the home and imagine where all your things will go once you move into the house.

What Should Your Realtor Do?

Your realtor will negotiate a price for the house that you’re comfortable with and they’ll be able to take all your desires into account before you start looking. A good realtor will make the search easy, and you’ll be able to move in to a place that is perfect for your family without doing any of the work yourself.

You’ll benefit a lot from a house that is going to meet all your needs, but you have to work with a realtor to find the right place. This list will help you get there, and you should not be afraid to ask questions during the process so that you can get the best house for your family.

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Prescott Schools Make for Attractive Real Estate

For families with school-age children, the quality of the community’s schools is one of the most important factors in the home search. When you’re combing through listings of Prescott homes for sale, proximity to good schools isn’t something you’ll need to worry about since the district boasts a superior education system.

About Schools in Prescott, Arizona

According to the city’s Chamber of Commerce, the school district provides education for over 5,500 students and includes a preschool, several elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. In addition, Prescott also offers residents a family resource center, as well as an alternative high school.

With over a century of experience in providing students with a rigorous education, the district shares that students benefit from a school experience augmented by a variety of extracurricular activities, athletics, music, and arts programs.

In addition, the school provides students with the tools they need to find success after they graduate from high school with events like career days for freshman and sophomore high school students. Students also have access to special activities through programs like the Professional Learning Library, which help students meet the guidelines of the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards.

Teachers that Go the “Extra Mile”

In 2014, the Prescott Unified School District established the Going the Extra Mile award to recognize teachers who have displayed true dedication to students through leadership by going above and beyond the stated responsibilities of the job.

This peer-nominated award was bestowed on teachers from several local schools including Abia Judd Elementary School, Miller Valley Elementary School, and Washington Traditional school, in addition to a handful of other schools in the district.

Advanced Education Options

Several respected colleges reside in Arizona, and Prescott is home to a handful of the state’s best institutions of higher learning. Students interested in obtaining a bachelor’s degree may consider Prescott College while anyone interested in aeronautics will want to look at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Prescott is also home to satellite campuses of Northern Arizona University and Old Dominion University. Students interested in community college may attend the local Yavapai College campus while adult students with job commitments may consider Northcentral University.

More than Just Good Schools

Outside the classroom, Prescott also features residents who dedicate their lives to volunteer work and improving the lives of everyone in the community. Take the example of Carmelite Staker, who spent over thirty years volunteering for local community organizations.

Living in Prescott provides students with an exceptional education, as well as the support of a dedicated community that works to ensure every child has opportunities for a bright future.

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Prescott School Ratings

Kids head back to schools in Prescott and the surrounding communities, as summer wanes. They come prepared with plenty of supplies, back packs and even some smiles. With schools like Abia Judd Elementary School, Taylor Hicks School, Granite Mountain Middle School, Prescott Mile High Middle School and Prescott High School, there can be plenty to generate smiles on the first day back and through the year. Several Prescott Schools in session receive an 8 to 10 out of 10 rating from, with many positive reviews from parents. Prescott school ratings attest to an engaged system and staff, student body and community, satisfied kids and parents.

Why Such Great Prescott School Ratings?

Prescott Unified District in the area sets plenty of high standards for itself. It sets goals in sync with the high expectations of parents and kids, ensuring an exceptional learning environment and experience. Prescott Schools in session throughout the district, exhibit a commitment to achieving and exceeding these goals with teachers, administrators, students and parents all playing an active role. Education can be realized as the enriching process and joy it truly is, framed in fun and enjoyment, rigor and application. Without highly qualified staff, such goals would be unattainable. Without an engaged community, they would also fall by the wayside.

Prescott School ratings get some of their substantiation from a community profile that focuses on high quality of life. That focus includes exceptional living options and amenities with every level of the family in mind. For example, Prescott homes for sale come in an amazing array of historic, vintage and modern styles, sizes and floor plans. They offer interior and exterior appointments and neighborhood features highly conducive to a positive experience in living, working and playing in ‘Everyone’s Hometown’.

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Homes in Prescott Unified School District

Many people seek homes in the Prescott area not only for their exceptional location in north central Arizona and desirable features, but also for their placement in Prescott Unified School District. The school district has about 46 schools, and some stand out with top ratings, satisfied parents and students. For example, homes in Prescott Unified School District may often be highly sought after near Abia Judd Elementary School, since it gets a 10 out of 10 rating from The school appears on Williamson Valley Rd., not far from another top-rated school, Granite Mountain Middle School. Homes in the school district appear within walking distance of the school grounds and within short drives. They appear in lovely neighborhoods like West Side Winder Rd., where spread out, secluded, primarily established homes align with beautiful settings. Intriguing rock formations and trees line the road and point the way to gracious living with a semi-rural accent. Homes sit on generous lots, and many align with beautiful views.

Amenities Surrounding Homes in Prescott Unified School District

Not far away, off the crossroad, Iron Springs Rd., some other neighborhoods stand out. Following Windy Walk Ln., around, many exceptionally lovely and spacious homes appear. They each have unique, custom features, with some set far back from the road and off side roads in the neighborhood, shrouded in pines and shrubbery. Continuing on, W Pine Lakes Dr. takes over and leads us deeper into gracious living with more of the same caliber of homes in Prescott Unified School District. However, removed they may seem, they remain within easy access of our featured schools off Williamson Valley Rd. This area includes an exclusive racquet club with tennis courts and a marvelously tranquil atmosphere.

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