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Buying Land in Prescott: What To Look For

The expertise and experience a realtor can provide is priceless, but a potential homebuyer should be prepared to broach a number of topics with their realtor. Questions to touch on with a realtor when searching for a new home can be varied, vague, or specific, but should always be asked with the clear intent of seeking the right answer for the buyer’s situation. Every buyer has different criteria they wish to meet when searching for a new home. The realtor is their best resource in finding the information they need to make the crucial decision of which home is the best for them and their family.


Location is perhaps the most important topic to discuss with a realtor. Make clear the type of area that is being sought. Decide whether a rural, suburban, or urban area is best to meet the needs of everyone. Keep in mind that situations may change over time, so moving close to a job that is impermanent, or living in an urban area when the need for more land may come into play in later on would not be wise choices.


Have a frank discussion about the price range of the homes. Crunch the numbers and determine how much money can be spent, how large a monthly mortgage payment can be made, and if a house can still be afforded when other bills are factored into the equation. Make it clear to the realtor that houses outside the budget will not be considered.


For a couple starting out, a small house may be an ideal choice if they don’t mind house hunting again if they choose to expand their family. However, families should always discuss possible house sizes with their realtor. Consider the number of children, possible guests, the possibility of a parent moving in as they age, the arrival of more children, or the need for spare rooms.


A neighborhood can mean a lot to a buyer, and the realtor should be made aware of what the buyer wants. Neighborhoods with children, a neighborhood devoted to retirees, or a more rural, spaced apart road are among the options a buyer should consider. Also, determine what is needed close by like grocery stores, schools, pharmacies, and parks.

Fees and Taxes

Discuss any views had about Home Owners’ Association fees required in some neighborhoods. A realtor should be aware of any fees and how often they are due. Taxes for the home should also be discussed. This can be a financial issue later for an owner who has not considered the implications of a high tax cost.

Current Owner Information

Information about the owner should be readily available through the realtor. Ask to be informed about the seller’s motivation, the upkeep of the home, and how quickly the seller is seeking to close on the house. It should be a warning that the realtor is unprofessional if they gossip about the seller with a potential buyer.

History of the House

If a house has had more than one owner or a single owner for many years, it would be prudent to uncover what additions, repairs, and problems have been encountered with this property in the past and what was done to fix the issues.

Utilities and Maintenance

The type of utilities in a home should be straightforward. A septic tank, gas or electric, and city water or a well may be factors in a buyer’s decision. A realtor should be aware if there is a preference.

Making an Offer

Some sellers request that a potential buyer be pre-qualified for a mortgage before they will consider an offer from the bidder. A realtor should inform the buyer of any such stipulations in advance of this possibility.

Anything Else?

Be sure to ask the realtor for any further information they feel is necessary to share about a home, policies, or legalities. This is also the perfect opening to ask a realtor for advice or personal experience about their own house hunting.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Prescott Home?

If you’re trying to invest in the best real estate in Prescott AZ, you’ll need a trusted realtor by your side. Prescott is home to a resident population of 39,843. Throughout the year, Prescott has pleasant weather that allow residents to enjoy outdoor living. Prescott is surrounded by beautiful lakes and lush greenery. With a stable economy, dozens of the businesses situated in Prescott’s downtown are successful privately held enterprises.

In the U.S., Prescott is rated as one of the nation’s best small towns. Another admirable characteristic of life in this city is its sensibility of aristocratic country living. Its master planned communities are an epitome of modern sophistication. Prescott homes feature exquisite architecture and vibrant amenities. The city breathes clean, quality air and picturesque landscapes. In today’s congested real estate industry, it can be a challenge to buy a home. A home buyer should find an experienced, knowledgeable real estate brokerage to get reliable answers. If you’d like to find a comfortable home in any of Prescott’s best neighborhood, you’ll need these helpful tips.

Homes for sale in Prescott don’t last long on the market. It’s imperative to ask as many or few questions as you’d like. If your real estate agent has proposed a property that complements your lifestyle, you should ask if the house has been on the market long. Another important question that every hopeful home buyer should ask is demand percentage. Some home sellers help to cover the closing cost. You should ask your realtor about this option too. The budget is a main concern when buying a home. Once you’ve found a trusted real estate brokerage, you should create a list to ask sensible questions before you invest. If you’re interested in a family home, Prescott communities are in proximity to reputable schools. It’s a family oriented city that allows its residents to enjoy the luxury of outdoor activities, city parks, recreational preserves, lakes and the mountainous landscape. The city’s landscape has rolling foothills, granite dells and pine forests that improve the atmospheric condition.

Weather in Prescott AZ is beautiful. You’ll enjoy the comfort of living in well-designed homes. The downtown core houses the city’s county courthouse. Prescott has a post office, which is set in an business enabling environment. The city’s downtown square has convenient, modern restaurants, antique shops, and art galleries. Prescott’s iconic Whiskey Row is a popular hangout spot. The Prescott community facilitates outdoor concerts, parades, and other festive events at an opportune time.

Home buyers get an opportunity to select from Prescott’s resort-style to family abodes. Surrounding neighborhoods include Dewey, Prescott Valley, Mayer, Humboldt and more. From the comfort of your front porch, you’ll get to observe the scenery. Prescott neighbors have community centers and other recreational facilities that’s available to residents. Families get to enjoy tons of activities. The location is home to dozens of historical sites and family-friendly attractions. Most of the homes boasts Victorian-style architecture.

Finding the Perfect Arizona Property for Building Your New Home

For those who are interested in building their own home in the state of Arizona may find the thought of indulging in such a large undertaking a bit intimidating. The good news is professional guidance can be found for assisting those who want help finding the perfect piece of Prescott AZ real estate.


One of the first things to consider when planning to build that dream home is the style and approximate size of the house you want to construct. Knowing the estimated expanse and perimeter of the home beforehand will help to arrange for first purchasing an appropriate size piece of land to properly accommodate your new home. Depending on what you plan to do with the land you live upon, having a lot too small can create problems with not being able to properly enjoy and utilize your property. Owning a lot too large can become a burden due to extra work for maintaining it not to mention creating an increase in purchase price and yearly tax cost. Having professional assistance will allow you to find the perfect size and location for your new home.


The first objective is to find a piece of land that will meet your criteria and is in a location that has many of the conveniences you are seeking. Another thing to consider is if you want to be in a subdivision or a more rural and secluded area. The size of the yard or lot you plan to have will need to be factored in with the dimensions of the home you wish to build. Sometimes it is possible to find an already surveyed and subdivided development location for construction. Often these sites have all the utilities already in place like water, electric, gas and internet. Each home built has easy access to connection of each utility. Many times there are also different size lots available from which to choose. Some may want to live in a more rural location with more land to accommodate for things like a Prescott horse property for example. An experienced professional can be a significant help in locating the perfect property for making your dreams of a custom built home come true.

Home Design

After locating a suitable piece of land for building your home, its time to begin designing the exact house you want to have constructed. When designing the layout of your new home it may be in your best interest to consult with an architect. Many times they can offer professional insight to not only save you a significant amount of time and materials for the job, but can reveal ways of making your home more convenient and energy efficient as well. An architect will collect all the information regarding your preferences for the new home and will begin designing several different styles and layouts to meet your expectations. After having time to study all of them, you can select the one that most closely matches the vision you had for your new home. With the assistance of the architect and construction engineer, you can then modify and make any changes to the plans before they are finalized and construction begins. Prescott ranch homes are known to be a popular design for those unsure which style to choose.

The weather in Prescott AZ is beautiful most of the year, making it a highly enjoyable location for building that home you have always envisioned for your family and your future. If you’d like to find out more about finding great properties in the Prescott area contact the experts at Prescott AZ Home Search.

Land for Sale in Prescott Valley AZ

Prescott Valley, Arizona affords many opportunities in land ownership, with an expansive profile in open space and gorgeous scenery. Its location in north central Arizona appears adjacent to many other beautiful land markets with rural, semi-rural and suburban features. These include Prescott land for sale and Chino Valley land for sale. Rugged and beautiful mountains frame the Valley and add volumes of definition to land for sale in Prescott Valley AZ.

Farms, ranches, recreational acreage, custom home sites and vacant lots line up with a wide variety of options that attract many different buyer types. Prescott Valley AZ, Prescott and Chino Valley have increased in popularity with retirees, for example. Seniors can find a range of solutions for retirement living. Those looking for the ideal location and custom home or semi-custom home can cherry pick land for sale in Prescott Valley AZ, tailor-made with customization in mind. They can select from numerous vacant lots available in secluded, spread-out subdivisions. Unrivaled opportunities in building the ideal home in the perfect respite await for seniors, other age groups and family sizes.

The land market in this region continues to boom, attracting flocks of interested people that inquire about land for growers, farmers, ranchers. Many types of custom home sites, vacant parcels and lots abound. All land property types seem to share nearly equivalent popularity. For example, since fertile soil and excellent grazing areas abound, ranching and farming interests flourish. Highly popular as a retirement mecca, Prescott Valley custom home development and the existing home market, replete with vacant lots in several age-restricted communities attract new resident influx regularly.

The historic town of Prescott and a free-spirited lifestyle add to the attractions and desirability of this stunning Arizona region that has the feel of an outpost in a world apart. At the same time, it puts residents within easy access to every convenience, service, and recreational opportunity. Sedona and Flagstaff await just a pleasant drive away to the North, Phoenix only about a 45 minute drive to the South. Although, self-contained local amenities provide for every need, with exemplary schools, medical facilities dining, entertainment and more.

If you would like to find out more about the many opportunities and advantages to acquiring land in Prescott Valley, use the unique website resources and map based tools on Contact Tim Eastman, your Prescott land and real estate expert for more details.