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Why Is A Vacation In The Prescott Area A Good Idea?

A vacation in Prescott, Arizona is going to be a nice idea for your family, and you can find a thousand things to do when you come to the city. Prescott lies out in the desert like an oasis that is going to help you make the most of your time traveling across this great country. Prescott has built itself up as a massive city that can give you the best time while giving you a nice stop on your way to the west coast. So whether your looking for a vacation spot of homes for sale in Prescott you’re going to really enjoy yourself.

Prescott’s Geography

Prescott’s Geography makes it easy for you to have a good time on your next trip because you will be able to do everything in just one stop. There are magical golf courses sitting on the flat parts of the city that allow you to see the amazing sights behind you in the mountains. You can go climbing in the mountains, and you will have fun kayaking down the river when it gets cool outside. Prescott has everything you need, and you just need to decide where you are going to start.

prescott golfGolf

The award-winning courses in the city are going to provide you with all the game you need to have fun when you pass through. Bring your clubs because these courses have greens feed, and you will be able to hit many of them on your trip. There are packages that allow you to play multiple courses during your trip, and you must make sure that you schedule as much golf as you can get. Prescott prides itself on being a haven for the guy who loves a good golf game, and you must make sure you always have your clubs with you.

The River

prescott riverThe river is going to allow you to take a trip down the waters, and you will be able to get all your kids and your spouse on the river at the same time. These soft courses will allow you to have a nice time when you make your way through the area, and you will notice that the area has a much better selection of places to relax. People who are camping will be able to make their way to the shore at any time, and people who are visiting from the trails may raft down the river to a new camping spot.

The City Center

The city center is a great place to go because it has all the shops and restaurants that you will need to have a nice time. Anyone who is going to come to the city is going to have a nice walk wherever they like to shop or eat without trouble. There are many nice shops, and there are even more restaurants that you will enjoy. This is something that kids will enjoy because they can run around outside, and you can eat very well when you are hungry. The city is home to many great chefs, and all their eateries are great places to sit down for a meal.

The Arts Culture

prescott city centerThe arts in Prescott are thriving, and you can always find live music and entertainment in every place you go. You can find someone playing a bar downtown, or you can go to a show that is going to feature the best that the community has to offer. You can see musicals in the downtown theater, and you can see concerts of the best artists who are passing through the area.

Lodging Deals

Lodging deals are going to help you take a nice trip to the Prescott area for less money. You need to have a place to stay when you are traveling in the area. You need to have a nice place where you will be able to enjoy your stay, and these hotels are often so nice that you will not want to leave. These places have their own shops and restaurants that will make your stay that much more enjoyable.

There are many ways to have a good time in Prescott, and you need to make sure that you are going to get the most enjoyment out of your stay. This oasis is going to make you want to come back every year.

Prescott AZ Homes for Sale

The American Dream is alive and well, albeit a little more complicated than when the concept was invented. For anybody that is looking into real estate and the process of buying a home there is a lot to be understood; especially for first time home buyers. Few things can be as exciting as looking for a new home, there are so many options and possibilities to explore!
prescott rea
When considering buying a new home there are many things that a potential buyer should consider. The first step is to determine where you want to live and what kind of neighborhood you really want to call home. Is the neighborhood close enough to schools that you like? Is the commute going be conducive to a pleasant drive to and from work? Is the neighborhood surrounded by good markets for shopping and/or entertainment? All are questions that must be considered when looking at purchasing a new home. With such a big investment it is crucial that all of what you are getting is close to your checklist of desires. Are you looking for some space in the country, or are you looking for a city scape with lots of kids for the family? Investors should make sure to be honest and open with their realtor when establishing what they want in their potential home. Whether that is the very popular open floor plan, an extra large kitchen, or a mud room for the kids. The more specific you are about your criteria the better the odds that your realtor will be able to find you your dream home. For example, if your potential new property has a pool, but no fence; and as a buyer you want one installed, for peace of mind, you can ask that the seller reduce the price before closing. That reduction of price can potentially get your safety fence installed, or maybe the seller counteroffers that they add the cost of instillation into the closing costs; then the seller gets it installed so you don’t have to concern yourself about construction upon moving into your new home.

prescott real esateAnother important point when considering buying a home is feasibility and finances. For those that aren’t familiar with purchasing property it can be a very daunting process. Luckily your realtor will be an excellent source of information. After all, their job is to help you make this process a success and something that you will enjoy. From closing and escrow to signing a contract there are many opportunities to voice your desires and make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. Many times sellers are willing to work with you to close the deal so make sure to voice any concerns or requests. After all not asking is the quickest way to get a no.

In looking for a new home any buyer should remember to look at the big picture, it is important that the home is structurally sound with a solid roof, and in the heat of Arizona a well working air conditioning unit is a must. If work needs to be done on a home a buyer must be realistic and sure that they are able to tackle such project. However those that are ready to tackle some DIY fixes find that they are able to find a diamond in the rough and turn it into a true paradise.

Kitchen renovationIt is still a buyers market with housing prices both reasonable and with interest rates that are low. After doing a little research and finding the right real estate agent, who truly wants to give you the keys to your new home a buyer has all the opportunities in the world to find the property that they have always wanted. Remembering to have open communication with their agent, a checklist of what they want out of a home and neighborhood, as well as the knowledge that they have the power to voice any requests or concerns, home buying can be enjoyable and an adventure for a family to undertake. Anything is possible for those that are willing to explore their options and understand that they have the power to make their dreams come true.

Things to do After a Home Purchase in Prescott AZ

Your search for home in Prescott AZ ended when you bought that dream house of 4,000 sq ft with yard and pool that was move-in ready. After enduring a series of offers, counter offers, inspection reports and property disclosures to sign, you finally have the keys to that home. The excitement, stress and anxiety of the house hunt do not end here as there is more to look forward in this home buying journey.

Got the keys to your new home? Congratulations! Now change the locks. Your old keys are likely to be carried by each and every member of the seller’s family, even the painter and stager the seller has been in contact with. Imagine an oblivious real estate agent walking into your house with a ‘for sale’ after you have moved in. Imagine a handyman whom the seller had once hired wandering in your backyard with a punch list of to-do items from the agent when no one has told him that the house closed a week ago. This can be a nightmare. The best way to make sure such incidents never happen is to change all locks of the front door and every door that outsiders may come across.

The next step you need to undertake after buying a house is to plan any major or minor work that needs to be done well ahead of the time. You don’t want your family to go through the frustration of staying in a construction zone. By the time you are ready to move in, although the home is in move-in condition, there are many things to do like bringing the furniture in, sorting out shelves, cabinets, dusting the floor, cleaning the yard and much else. If the house has minor issues, get engaged in a conversation with a general contractor about what to do next. Better yet, start getting bids for the essential jobs from various personnel skilled in the field. Real estate agents are the best source to get in touch with these tradespeople.

Set up utilities in your name the same day you walk into the house with your keys and belongings. While many utility companies offer grace period for former and current home owners, this can’t be the case all the time. Sometimes the services may have been canceled a long while before your offer was accepted, so make sure the utility connection is in place. The best way to know is to call the company ahead so that everything is ready when you move in.

Moving in and setting up the furniture, artworks and other items of your household can take days, if not months, and the frustration can take a toll on your health as well. Things like cleaning, dusting, sorting can drive you crazy. Not all of us are cut out to do these chores easily. Imagine having to do the same work for the entire 4,000 square feet of your home sweet home. Big houses come with a price. Investing a few hundred dollars in hiring someone do these minor tasks can take a big burden off your shoulder and potentially relieve you from a big headache.
Finally, don’t neglect the yards. Spending time outdoor in the little or big yard that came with your house is good for you and your family, so have a plan for yard cleaning and makeover if necessary. An important part of living in a new home is appreciating why you went to all that effort of buying the home in the first place and creating the vibe. Whether enjoying an outdoor meal with your friends, reading a book on that hammock, working on your laptop in your front porch sipping a cup of coffee or weeding the garden, creating an active and functional outdoor space will put you in closer touch with nature. It will help you remind to keep the community and environment clean and healthy.

Making Prescott Your Home

If you’re considering buying real estate in Prescott and making it your home then you will need to know what questions to ask your real estate agent. Buying a home in Prescott can be an exhilarating experience. This is your opportunity to find the perfect home that you’ll absolutely love. Prescott, Arizona offers much to anyone choosing to make it their home. This is a community that is happy to welcome you into the neighborhood.

Choosing the Perfect Neighborhood
Your neighborhood can be like an extended family. You will want to have your home in the neighborhood that you fit well in. It will be important to find the community that will fit your lifestyle. There are some steps that you can take to know what your looking for in a neighborhood. Your real estate agent can help you in this process and answer all your questions. The following should be considered:

*Determine what it is that you would like from a neighborhood. You might try a “must-have” list. Some items to consider Children.. Schools.. single.. close to parks.. community center. This is a good start in discovering what you would desire from your perfect neighborhood. Your real estate agent can find the perfect neighborhood with your required “must-haves.”

*Determine what you would like your commute time to be. You may prefer mass transit or a short drive in your car. Perhaps a walk to work would be more your style.

*Would you enjoy a neighborhood that is newly developed? A character filled historic area may suit you better.

*What is missing from your current neighborhood? You may take the opportunity to find items that you might like to add to your new neighborhood.

*Would you prefer a quiet neighborhood or a little hustle and bustle?
This can prove to be good items to present to your real estate agent to ensure that you find the perfect neighborhood in Prescott. There are many more items to ponder before the actual decision. These items are good to think about during your house search.

Your Dream Home
If you have discovered exactly what it is that you would love from a neighborhood then you will need the home of your dreams. It’s exciting to search for your dream home. Your real estate agent will have an enormous amount of information available to ensure that your dream home is within your reach and that it becomes a reality. The following tips may help you to narrow your search. These tips include:

*Renovation possibility; Will you want to renovate your home and add your own personal touch or buy a home that will not need any renovation?

*The long term outlook; Will you plan on making your new house a long term home and will it fit your needs on a long term basis? Will you have enough room on a long term basis? Will you want stairs?

*What items will you need from you home?; Will you be needing a lot of closet space, Counter space, laundry room, a garage? These are a sample of what your agent can assist you with in finding your dream home.

Happy House Hunting
Cheers to your new home in Prescott, Arizona!

How to Find the Perfect Home in Prescott, Arizona

Buying a new house is a big milestone in people’s lives. As with any major change in life, it’s important to think about whether a new house is right for you. The biggest issue that people face is that they’re unsure of how to judge a new house. There’s a few simple things to keep in mind which will ensure that you’ve made the right choice. There’s a lot of advice out there which focus on objective measures. It’s important to judge things by those criteria. But there’s also a lot of things to consider with your heart when looking at a new home. Your intuition can often be an important thing to consider when deciding if you’ll be comfortable in a new home.

One of the biggest things to consider is what’s outside of the house. People tend to focus a lot on the actual house itself when house hunting. The house itself is obviously quite important. But it’s equally important to get to know the neighborhood. One of the best ways to do so is to take a nice stroll through the area. You might even want to try it a couple times before deciding on the house. The reason this can be so important is that it, often literally, gives you a chance to stop and smell the roses.

When people look at an area for the first time, it’s usually done through the windows of their car. But that’s not how they’ll be experiencing an area once they move in. By taking a walk in a new neighborhood people can see things how they would if they actually lived there. They’ll encounter neighbors, see the general foot traffic, and even stumble on some of the fun features which the neighborhoods have to offer.

Of course it’s important to get a feel of the house itself as well. One of the most important things to consider there is whether the house feels like a home. When people check the size of a room, they often forget why they’re doing so. It turns into a simple numbers game. The size of a room is important, but it’s vital that people don’t forget the reason for it’s importance. Room size is important because it’s where furniture will be placed, activities enjoyed, and where you’ll simply want to relax and be happy.

When taking a look at a room, you should create a mental map in your head. Think about all the furniture you want to bring from your old home. Then think about any new furniture you might want to get. And of course be sure to consider any larger appliances such as televisions or computer monitors. Then mentally lay out those items within a room. Try to see them as you look around, and consider how it makes you feel. Does it feel cramped, comfortable or cozy?

Another important thing to consider is how you relate to that experience. It’s one thing to go through the exercise and consider it acceptable. But one way to know a house is right for you is when you begin to have fun with the process. When you consider laying out furniture in a room and you begin to consider all new ideas and fun new ways to arrange everything? That’s when you know that you’ve already decided to purchase the home.

If you’d like to know more about homes available in Prescott, contact the Tim Eastman group and we’ll help you find the right home for you.

Find Ideal Real Estate In Prescott AZ

Looking for ideal real estate in Prescott, AZ? I am here to tell you about some of the highest qualities estates, and pieces of property that can be purchased now. There are several areas of Prescott that have varying qualities, but the best is in the Chino Valley. In this post I’ll look at three different prime locations and begin a description of these places so that the reader has an idea of what they can chose from. If you’re looking for the best you have come to the right place we have some truly spectacular places here.

The first stop on this tour is the Prescott Valley one of three valley towns that are part of the city of Prescott. This town has a long and interesting history going back to the 1800’s beginning with a ranching community called Lonesome Valley. It would later evolve into a gold mining town as the gold rush pushed people westward. While generally dry like the rest of the area the properties in this town are of top quality and have plenty of room for doing all manner remodeling and transformative projects for those inclined to projects of that sort.

While right outside Prescott there is the Chino Valley a place that was the original capitol of Arizona Territory. This cozy little town is home to no more than 40,000 residents, and is filled with easily affordable homes that three or more bedrooms. These houses often are in the $200,000 price range making them affordable for middle income families. This town also has a number of recreational places and activities especially for children. There is a zoo, a concert hall, and plenty of shopping malls alongside local stores catering to whatever needs you might have. For those who love the outdoors there is plenty of activities for that. There are horseback riding ranches and rivers for fishing.

The final stop on this tour is Dewey-Humboldt a small town with a big history. This town was originally a mining and smelting town. This place was given a railroad station back in the days of it being a mining town and you may still see the old railroad. The town named after Admiral Dewey in the Spanish-American War is filled with excellent real estate for those looking for a quiet place to settle and enjoy the richness of the small town life. There are many more things to do and high quality real estate pieces in these beautiful American towns for anyone looking for the quiet of a small town and rural area these are well worth the visit.

If you’re interested in looking at real estate opportunities in Prescott, Arizona or would like to talk with an area expert then contact Tim Eastman.