Family Activities You´ll Love in Prescott, Arizona

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    Discovering the specialties of any particular area is always fun and adventurous, but when you are house shopping, it’s also important to explore what lies beyond the neighborhood your possible future home is situated in. You can find out a great deal from what types of events and festivals are offered in the area. Prescott, Ariz., is no different, and has many different activities for the entire family, and September is no different.

    For those interested in music, you’ll be quite happy with the wide assortment of concerts offered. Throughout early Sept., music lovers will also be able to enjoy new talent at the Summer Concert series, held sporadically. There’s a lot of local talent in the area! Gary Morris will be in concert on Saturday, September 12. He is followed by the band Living With The Past, a Jethro Tull band, will make its first live appearance. They will perform in the Elks Theater on Thursday, September 16. Friday, September 25 holds a treat for those who love the Doobie Brothers. A tribute, Listen to the Music, is scheduled. For those interested in Beethoven, you won’t feel left out. Maestro Tito Muñoz will begin his second season at the Virginia P. Piper Center with Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

    Fairs and Craft Shows
    The 30th Annual Faire on the Square Arts and Crafts Show will commence Sept. 5 in the Courthouse Plaza at 9 am. Ending at 5 pm, the Faire is also scheduled for the following two days, Sunday and Monday, for the same time frame. Quilts, wood workings, pioneer toys, and many other items are to be found here, along with demonstrations or pioneer life.The Highlands Festival will have its premier annual festivities the following weekend, beginning on Friday, Sept. 11. This festival runs for three days, and will have many different guest speakers, workshops, activities, presentations, and demonstrations. It is geared towards everyone in the family.
    The Native American presence is very strongly felt in Prescott, and a full three-day PowWpw is held in late Sept., running from Sept. 25 through to the evening of Sept. 27.

    Other Events
    For youngsters ages 3 to 5, and their parents, they’ll be more than happy to learn about the natural world. The series begins on Saturday, Sept. 26 and runs every Saturday following through the month of October. For all ages, there is a walking tour on the same day at the JS Acker Memorial Park, beginning at 9:30 am.
    Fishing and camping are activities that many families enjoy, and there are four beautiful lakes that many prefer over the rest. Watson Lake and Goldwater Lake are two of the four, and they are known for their sparkling clean water. Lynx Lake also has a recreation area, making it one place many enjoy for more than just the beautiful water. Trails are well marked and very scenic for photographers’ enjoyment.prescott real estate

    Activities in Prescott, Ariz. are numerous and varied, providing entertainment, and educational activities, for the entire family. While many only last for an afternoon or an evening, or a few days, Prescott is full of natural beauty and history that everyone can enjoy. The Sharlott Hall Museum, the Phippen Museum, and the Heritage Park Zoo are all open for much longer periods of time, ensuring hat Sept. is not the only month to find activities to engage in. There’s never a reason to be bored in Prescott, Ariz.

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