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    Looking for ideal real estate in Prescott, AZ? I am here to tell you about some of the highest qualities estates, and pieces of property that can be purchased now. There are several areas of Prescott that have varying qualities, but the best is in the Chino Valley. In this post I’ll look at three different prime locations and begin a description of these places so that the reader has an idea of what they can chose from. If you’re looking for the best you have come to the right place we have some truly spectacular places here.

    The first stop on this tour is the Prescott Valley one of three valley towns that are part of the city of Prescott. This town has a long and interesting history going back to the 1800’s beginning with a ranching community called Lonesome Valley. It would later evolve into a gold mining town as the gold rush pushed people westward. While generally dry like the rest of the area the properties in this town are of top quality and have plenty of room for doing all manner remodeling and transformative projects for those inclined to projects of that sort.

    While right outside Prescott there is the Chino Valley a place that was the original capitol of Arizona Territory. This cozy little town is home to no more than 40,000 residents, and is filled with easily affordable homes that three or more bedrooms. These houses often are in the $200,000 price range making them affordable for middle income families. This town also has a number of recreational places and activities especially for children. There is a zoo, a concert hall, and plenty of shopping malls alongside local stores catering to whatever needs you might have. For those who love the outdoors there is plenty of activities for that. There are horseback riding ranches and rivers for fishing.

    The final stop on this tour is Dewey-Humboldt a small town with a big history. This town was originally a mining and smelting town. This place was given a railroad station back in the days of it being a mining town and you may still see the old railroad. The town named after Admiral Dewey in the Spanish-American War is filled with excellent real estate for those looking for a quiet place to settle and enjoy the richness of the small town life. There are many more things to do and high quality real estate pieces in these beautiful American towns for anyone looking for the quiet of a small town and rural area these are well worth the visit.

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