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    Finding the right home for you can be a difficult task. Remember, your house is typically your biggest investment. You need to be careful. Although obviously not everything can be planned for, if you do your research you can narrow down your choices tremendously.

    Real estate in Prescott AZ could be a great long term investment. Community centers are being built and the Prescott Unified School District is a strong system. If you’re looking for piece of mind, the master planned communities can make an excellent choice.

    One of the first things you need to decide on is how big your budget is. The consumerist urge is to buy the biggest house you can afford. Unfortunately, that is why so many people ended up in foreclosure in the last recession. If you income is unstable, or if you or your spouse is thinking about going back to school, it might be smarter to buy a smaller house. Having a lower mortgage means not only easier finances but also a bigger budget for things like vacation, cars and electronics.

    Another thing you need to decide is how much work you are willing to do. At the extreme end are fixer-uppers. They might even have serious problems like asbestos or lead paint. You can get a great deal on a home if you’re willing to put in the money and time. Smaller issues might be the house needing a repaint. On the opposite end, if you want the perfect home to move into right away, going with a planned community might be a better option.
    Crime level is important. You do not want to get mugged in your own backyard. Take a tour of the neighborhood. Is there any graffiti? Are things in general clean, or is their litter everywhere? You can research crime online by looking at police records.

    If you have or plan on starting a family, you’re definitely concerned with the quality of education your kids will be getting. If you plan on sending them to private school, this makes things easy. You can live anywhere in the city. But if you plan on sending your kids to public school, you’ll need to do some research. You can find school rankings in newspapers, websites and magazines. If you have the time, talk to parents in the area and see how satisfied they are with their system. Visit the schools. Are they well maintained? Try to talk to some of the teachers to get a general idea of their mentality and attitude.

    Another important issue is how easy it is to get to work. If you use public transportation, is there a bus or train station nearby? If you’ll mostly be driving, are the main highways and arteries close? If you end up in a so-called “Ex-urb”, you’ll be commuting 90 minutes or more each way. Plus you’ll be paying an arm and a leg when gas prices rice.
    On a related note, how close are retail locations such as restaurants, malls, and grocery stores? Once again, you do not want these to be very far away as you’ll be visiting them weekly.

    Buying a house can be a complex decision. Remember, a little research and planning can go a long way. If you’d like help from some area experts and are interested in Prescott real estate, then take a look at Prescott AZ Home Search or contact us the Tim Eastman Group.

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