Homes in Prescott Unified School District

Homes in Prescott Unified School District

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    Many people seek homes in the Prescott area not only for their exceptional location in north central Arizona and desirable features, but also for their placement in Prescott Unified School District. The school district has about 46 schools, and some stand out with top ratings, satisfied parents and students. For example, homes in Prescott Unified School District may often be highly sought after near Abia Judd Elementary School, since it gets a 10 out of 10 rating from The school appears on Williamson Valley Rd., not far from another top-rated school, Granite Mountain Middle School. Homes in the school district appear within walking distance of the school grounds and within short drives. They appear in lovely neighborhoods like West Side Winder Rd., where spread out, secluded, primarily established homes align with beautiful settings. Intriguing rock formations and trees line the road and point the way to gracious living with a semi-rural accent. Homes sit on generous lots, and many align with beautiful views.

    Amenities Surrounding Homes in Prescott Unified School District

    Not far away, off the crossroad, Iron Springs Rd., some other neighborhoods stand out. Following Windy Walk Ln., around, many exceptionally lovely and spacious homes appear. They each have unique, custom features, with some set far back from the road and off side roads in the neighborhood, shrouded in pines and shrubbery. Continuing on, W Pine Lakes Dr. takes over and leads us deeper into gracious living with more of the same caliber of homes in Prescott Unified School District. However, removed they may seem, they remain within easy access of our featured schools off Williamson Valley Rd. This area includes an exclusive racquet club with tennis courts and a marvelously tranquil atmosphere.

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