Looking for a Great Place to Retire? Look No Further than Prescott, Arizona

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    When it comes to retirement, it can be difficult to make a choice on the ideal location. There are several factors that contribute to a place’s livability including weather, real estate prices, amenities, etc. One of the best places to retire for individuals 55+ is Prescott, AZ. Let’s now take a look at some reasons why this it’s such a desirable location.

    Nice Weather

    If you don’t want to deal with overly frigid temperatures in the winter or stifling heat in the summer, you will like Prescott AZ weather. Because of the elevation, summers tend to be cooler than other areas in Arizona such as Phoenix and Yuma. In most cases, summer temperatures will reach the low 90’s and dip down into the 50’s at night. Throughout the winter, you can expect mind weather, and daytime temperatures are typically in the 40’s and 50’s. There is also an abundance of sunshine with an average of 277 days a year being sunny. When compared with many other areas of the United States, it’s hard to beat the weather of Prescott.

    Prescott AZ Real Estate

    Unlike some other common retirement spots in the country such as Florida where there are outrageous home prices, living in Prescott is fairly affordable. According to Trulia, “the median sales price for homes in prescott AZ for Oct 14 to Dec 14 was $242,000.” This price has actually dropped from a year earlier when it was $259,900. With plenty of Prescott homes for sale under $250,000 and some surrounding areas for closer to $200,000, it’s feasible for most middle income families to live there. So if you’re looking for a nice spot without spending a fortune in the process, this is definitely an area to consider.


    Due to the weather, this is an excellent place for playing golf, which can be done throughout the year. There are several courses to choose from with beautiful layouts and stunning views. If you’re a nature lover and enjoy the great outdoors, there are numerous parks and lakes where you can enjoy the lovely desert scenery. Prescott is also a city that’s known for the arts, and there are several arts and cultural events that celebrate the unique vibe of the area. If you’re into history, you can learn all about the Native Americans that inhabited the region and the Old West.

    In terms of shopping, the Prescott Gateway Mall has everything you need including an indoor mall and outdoor shopping village. There are also numerous restaurants where you can find everything from Italian to traditional Southwestern food.

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