Prescott, a Great Place for Biking and Hiking

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    Prescott is like an oasis in the desert! Prescott’s Mediterranean-like climate means that residents enjoy dry, warm summers and mild winters. With a short monsoon season usually occurring at the end of the summer, there is adequate rainfall for greenery, but plentiful year-round sunshine for your enjoyment! This is a great city in a beautiful state, perfect for those who enjoy the splendor of the outdoors. Due to the varied desert terrain around the city, hiking and bicycling enthusiasts will have no trouble at all finding an outdoor adventure. It’s a good reason why many outdoor enthusiasts are interested in Prescott real estate.

    Whether you’re looking for a casual hike, a bike ride, or a more intense and lengthy outdoor experience Prescott provides an abundance of options. With the development of the Mile-High Trail System, you’ll have over 68 miles of trail from which to plan your route. This trail system includes pathways along the former Santa Fe Railroad, perfect for history and engineering enthusiasts. Another segment of the Mile-High Trail is the ever expanding Prescott Circle Trail, envisioned to eventually encircle Prescott. If a wilderness hike just isn’t up your alley, the Greenway Trails will provide plenty of enjoyment in an urban setting. The Greenway Trails run alongside the Granite and Miller Creeks, which will take you on a lovely walk through downtown Prescott.

    If you’re looking to enjoy an urban bike ride, you’ll find plenty of ways to explore the fun and diverse city of Prescott. With an active alternative transportation population, this city is very bike-friendly. There are plenty of community rides and events year-round for local bicyclists. Such as the upcoming the 3rd annual Cranksgiving Prescott event.

    Looking for a challenging road ride? The Skull Valley loop is well known among road biking enthusiasts for its challenge and beauty. This route has it all, beginning with its descent into the desert, then a climb up into the piney mountains around Prescott. You’ll start in Prescott, cycle through Skull Valley, then complete the loop by riding back into the city. With a length of about 60 miles, you’ll definitely be feeling the burn by the end of this ride!

    With beautiful weather year round, getting outside to enjoy a hike or bike ride won’t be a problem. The diverse landscape surrounding the city provides exciting variety for your outdoor adventures. With a huge trail system dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the area, as well as a friendly city atmosphere, you’ll be happy to call Prescott your home. Browse our website if you’re interested in finding out more about the wonderful things that the Prescott Valley area has to offer, or contact an area expert.

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