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    Prescott, Arizona, is one of the more popular places for a new job position, a new beginning after a personal loss or a comprehensive retirement community. This western US community is one of the top ranked communities for an above average standard of living. Compared to other cities of the same size, Prescott, Arizona, has a quality of life that is hard to match. The city has good air quality, and its water quality is among the best in the nation. Medical care facilities have some of the top ranked doctors and medical professionals in the US. Taxes for your property and other state taxes are low and attract retirement age property owners for this reason.

    The weather in Prescott is amenable to those with asthma conditions or those individuals who need a drier air quality. The demographics for this region of the country are among the highest that include a moderate mix of origins and a pleasant mix of age groups. The universities bring in top quality academic students who tend to stay in the region for their employment after graduation. The retirees who choose Prescott, Arizona, for their retirement home are from all over the country. There is a pleasant acceptance of nationalities and personal preferences in this area of the country. The surrounding cities have many entertainment choices.

    The region is known for its EPA super fund clean up projects. This special interest group in the region helps to keep the air quality above average and keep the water supply clean and drinkable. Maps of the area show that the region is a beautiful mountainous region with open spaces for recreation and other outdoor entertainment events. The population of the county is around two hundred thousand, and the population growth has increased over the past ten years. Homes for sale are in a wide range prices. The years from 2012 to 2013 saw a significant home value increase.

    The home prices for Prescott can be compared to the nearest large cities. Prescott homes are similar in size and building features but are significantly lower in cost. A bargain index indicates that homes in Prescott have a significant increase in value when compared to larger cities within Arizona. Rental costs in the Prescott area are higher per square foot for the same size of home. Buying a home in the area tends to save money over the long run, since mortgage rates help to keep your monthly home costs low. Buyers have compared these housing costs and have determined that buying a new or previously owned home in Prescott is less expensive than renting in the same area.

    A cost of living index for the area compared to the same size of city and concludes that the Prescott area has a lower cost of living. A GPTE index for a city of the same size indicated a 115 percent increase in cost. Prescott, using the same index comparison, indicates a 98 percent comparison of living costs for the region. Taxes in Prescott show that a new home owner can save on state taxes, and the taxes saved include home property taxes. The number of new home permits in Prescott has significantly increased from 2011. Building permits have shown a steady increase in the region. Regional maps show that Prescott is in the center of a beautiful area of the western US, with Phoenix a short drive to the south and Flagstaff within a few miles north.

    All of these factors of course make Prescott a compelling place to buy a home. If you’re interested in buying a home or a property in Prescott, Arizona, now is the time to buy. Contact the professionals at Prescott AZ Home Search today to get your dream home.

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