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    When looking to make the move to The Prescott Valley, Arizona there is no piece of Prescott Lakes Real Estate quite like the master-planned communities. That’s because this area includes beautiful new subdivisions and homes. Instead of having to rent or own property that has been around for years and might be slowly crumbling, these homes are still in top shape.

    Besides these newer subdivisions and homes, the communities also contain custom home sites and empty lots that all ready for some home development. This is an area that is constantly growing and not looking to slow down anytime soon. That’s because new orders are always coming in for home sites since this is a very popular and lively piece of real estate market.

    One of the master planned subdivisions offered here is referred to as Granville. There the home sales are slowly but surely going up as new homes are developing and the area is growing in popularity. However, it is not just the homes itself that is making this such a prime location for real estate. It’s also because of the neighborhoods and the whole atmosphere. These homes are truly contemporary. Then, the community itself features exciting amenities like fitness centers, clubhouses, pools and a toddler play area. There is even a park and school within the community, making everything so much more convenient for the residents.

    Besides Granville, there is also the community known as Quailwood. Quailwood is located east of Prescott Valley. In this particular community, homes are frequently being built to meet with the demand. These Prescott Lakes homes are huge, spacious pieces of property. There are even some homes that feature 3 car garages. Quailwood homes are great for large families or individuals needing large amounts of space to fit all their belongings.

    Of course there is also the Stoneridge community. Opposed to the other Prescott Arizona real estate, Stoneridge is located on the West side of Prescott Valley. There, individuals won’t only find single family homes but villas as well. These villas are usually being built right alongside the golf courses, leaving residents with a breathtaking view. Those villas contain roughly 47 units for every nine-acre parcel. It is expected that there will be plenty more homes built in the Stoneridge community within the new few years.

    It is clear that Prescott, Arizona is a fabulous place to settle down and live. That is mainly due to the one-of-a-kind master planned communities that are being built in this area. When families purchase one of these pieces of property, they are treated to beautiful landscapes and homes that are filled with plenty of room. These communities are truly in a class of their own.

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