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    Kids head back to schools in Prescott and the surrounding communities, as summer wanes. They come prepared with plenty of supplies, back packs and even some smiles. With schools like Abia Judd Elementary School, Taylor Hicks School, Granite Mountain Middle School, Prescott Mile High Middle School and Prescott High School, there can be plenty to generate smiles on the first day back and through the year. Several Prescott Schools in session receive an 8 to 10 out of 10 rating from, with many positive reviews from parents. Prescott school ratings attest to an engaged system and staff, student body and community, satisfied kids and parents.

    Why Such Great Prescott School Ratings?

    Prescott Unified District in the area sets plenty of high standards for itself. It sets goals in sync with the high expectations of parents and kids, ensuring an exceptional learning environment and experience. Prescott Schools in session throughout the district, exhibit a commitment to achieving and exceeding these goals with teachers, administrators, students and parents all playing an active role. Education can be realized as the enriching process and joy it truly is, framed in fun and enjoyment, rigor and application. Without highly qualified staff, such goals would be unattainable. Without an engaged community, they would also fall by the wayside.

    Prescott School ratings get some of their substantiation from a community profile that focuses on high quality of life. That focus includes exceptional living options and amenities with every level of the family in mind. For example, Prescott homes for sale come in an amazing array of historic, vintage and modern styles, sizes and floor plans. They offer interior and exterior appointments and neighborhood features highly conducive to a positive experience in living, working and playing in ‘Everyone’s Hometown’.

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