Spring Has Come to Sunny Prescott, Arizona

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    While all the seasons are great to experience in Prescott, Arizona, Spring is one of the most beautiful. Unlike the majority of the world that experiences rainfall in the Spring, Prescott looks forward to Spring as the beginning of the dry season. Prescott, located in Yavapai County, is home to Prescott National Forest and endless outdoor activities. So many people have begun to call this lesser known town home over the last few years and for good reason.

    During the Spring in Prescott tourists and residents alike have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape around them. Prescott is home to several great golf courses, four of which are directly within the city limits. The dry air and warm temperatures make for a perfect golf day any day of the week in the Springtime. Coupled with this, hiking, and horseback riding are also options residents and tourists may consider.

    Prescott National Forest offers over 68 miles of hiking trails. These trails are made up of the Santa Fe Railroad, Greenways Trail System, and the Prescott Circle Trail System. This network of three trail systems connects forming a circle around the Prescott area. The Greenway Trails give hikers the opportunity to walk through urban Prescott, running straight through downtown. Elevations of all the trails vary, thereby offering the right type of hike for anyone. Hikers may choose from easy to difficult trails and in the Spring they can rest assured that the weather for their hike will be perfect!

    Prescott also offers incredible horseback riding experiences to everyone! Horseback riding is something everyone in the town enjoys in the Springtime. Prescott is home to several wonderful and beautiful ranches. Small and personalized lessons and/or rides are always offered and what better place to enjoy horseback riding than in a true Western town. If hiking isn’t a resident’s favorite way to experience the beautiful landscape of Prescott, they may do so via horseback. The horseback riding options for Prescott take riders on incredible trails and pathways throughout the mountains.

    Prescott is also the home to Watson Lake, which is completely breathtaking in the Springtime. It provides great relief from the warm weather as well as an array of other activities individuals may enjoy. For residents and tourists who want to be sure they’ve seen all that the city has to offer during the Spring season, there are sightseeing tours available daily. These tours take sightseers all around the town and allow them to experience the best of the urban sprawl as well as the mountainous landscape.

    There’s never a lack of activities in Prescott, Arizona. The springtime brings the city to life every year with its warm Mediterranean climate and endless sunshine.

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