Things to do After a Home Purchase in Prescott AZ

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    Your search for home in Prescott AZ ended when you bought that dream house of 4,000 sq ft with yard and pool that was move-in ready. After enduring a series of offers, counter offers, inspection reports and property disclosures to sign, you finally have the keys to that home. The excitement, stress and anxiety of the house hunt do not end here as there is more to look forward in this home buying journey.

    Got the keys to your new home? Congratulations! Now change the locks. Your old keys are likely to be carried by each and every member of the seller’s family, even the painter and stager the seller has been in contact with. Imagine an oblivious real estate agent walking into your house with a ‘for sale’ after you have moved in. Imagine a handyman whom the seller had once hired wandering in your backyard with a punch list of to-do items from the agent when no one has told him that the house closed a week ago. This can be a nightmare. The best way to make sure such incidents never happen is to change all locks of the front door and every door that outsiders may come across.

    The next step you need to undertake after buying a house is to plan any major or minor work that needs to be done well ahead of the time. You don’t want your family to go through the frustration of staying in a construction zone. By the time you are ready to move in, although the home is in move-in condition, there are many things to do like bringing the furniture in, sorting out shelves, cabinets, dusting the floor, cleaning the yard and much else. If the house has minor issues, get engaged in a conversation with a general contractor about what to do next. Better yet, start getting bids for the essential jobs from various personnel skilled in the field. Real estate agents are the best source to get in touch with these tradespeople.

    Set up utilities in your name the same day you walk into the house with your keys and belongings. While many utility companies offer grace period for former and current home owners, this can’t be the case all the time. Sometimes the services may have been canceled a long while before your offer was accepted, so make sure the utility connection is in place. The best way to know is to call the company ahead so that everything is ready when you move in.

    Moving in and setting up the furniture, artworks and other items of your household can take days, if not months, and the frustration can take a toll on your health as well. Things like cleaning, dusting, sorting can drive you crazy. Not all of us are cut out to do these chores easily. Imagine having to do the same work for the entire 4,000 square feet of your home sweet home. Big houses come with a price. Investing a few hundred dollars in hiring someone do these minor tasks can take a big burden off your shoulder and potentially relieve you from a big headache.
    Finally, don’t neglect the yards. Spending time outdoor in the little or big yard that came with your house is good for you and your family, so have a plan for yard cleaning and makeover if necessary. An important part of living in a new home is appreciating why you went to all that effort of buying the home in the first place and creating the vibe. Whether enjoying an outdoor meal with your friends, reading a book on that hammock, working on your laptop in your front porch sipping a cup of coffee or weeding the garden, creating an active and functional outdoor space will put you in closer touch with nature. It will help you remind to keep the community and environment clean and healthy.

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