What Does The Hunchback of Notre Dame mean for Prescott, AZ

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    Prescott, Arizona is a beautiful town with a lot to offer residents and visitors. Last night the Prescott Film Festival screened the classic silent film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was their 3rd annual Silent Halloween screening that featured musical accompaniment. Known for its rich, cultural scene people come from all over to attend events like the Annual Prescott Film Festival. The Prescott Film Festival is a favorite summer festival and is just one more feature of the area that makes Prescott such a great place to live. Major players in the independent film world come together to share their labor of love with art enthusiasts and colleagues.

    What makes the Annual Prescott Film Festival so exciting?

    This year marked the fifth year of the event. The best and the brightest independent films were showcased and next year’s event is expected to be even better. Filmmakers come together to connect, network, and present their best independent films. Visitors have access to exclusive screenings where they can be the very first to see the work of up and coming artists. Budding filmmakers appreciate having the opportunity to share their work with those who truly appreciate the art form. Many visitors look beyond the film festival scene to discover more of the local culture that pique their interest. Once people realize just how much Prescott has to offer, they end up settling down and purchasing one of the fine Prescott homes for sale.

    Discover what Prescott has to offer

    The city is a welcoming environment for families. A top-notch school district and lots of open, unencumbered space makes it a great place for families and active individuals to live and play. There are several wonderful communities located in the Prescott area. Families, retirees and professionals alike are sure to find the right type of home for their lifestyle. The city offers a mix of everything such as custom cabins, traditional homes and luxury escapes. One of the greatest attractors to the region are people who want to design and build their very own custom home. Generous square footage lends an array of possibilities for families looking to settle in a great community. Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewer, Mayer and Paulden offer the amenities, space and comfort prospective buyers are looking for.

    Prescott, Arizona is a city where art enthusiasts and families thrive. Each year, thousands come together to celebrate budding filmmakers in the art scene at the Annual Prescott Film Festival. Many people end up returning and falling in love with the city and the attractive, affordable properties in the area. Retirees, professionals, families and art enthusiasts call Prescott home, because of what the city has to offer. If you’re interested in what the Prescott community has to offer and homes for sale in the Prescott area, browse our site www.prescottazhomesearch.com or contact an area expert.

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