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    Buying a house can be an exciting and often stressful life event. There are so many things to consider, some discoveries that can be made in the process. Young couples have so many choices that go into the purchase of their first home. The wishlist can be quite expansive for what each person considers perfect for their new home. City or rural? old and charming or new construction? How does the yard look? What kind of yard do I want? These are a few examples of things that are often overlooked when shopping around for a new home. Why should you factor some of these into your shopping profile. Lets explore the possibilities so you a potential buyer can make a decision that you can appreciate for a lifetime.

    Some young couples may be attracted by the chance to live in the city; being at the center of it all can be exhilarating. Be sure to take a look at your long term goals. Where do you see yourself in 5 years. Maybe you have a family, or maybe you plan on starting one. Consider this when house hunting so you’re not searching again in less than 5 years. Do you want space for you’re family to grow? Are you able to juggle both? What do you want the backdrop for your home to look like. Start with location to set the stage for your future home. Rural or City? Have you considered both end up with a purchase that aligns with your future goals?

    Take a look at your own personality traits when looking for personality in your home. You may want something charming and original and be leaning towards an older home, but are you ready for the maintenance that may come along with owning one? Maybe a new construction home is just what you need to give you that extra piece of mind. Do you know which way your partner lies? What if you love that arts and can think of nothing more charming than a fixer upper? Having a vision is wonderful but make sure that you know that from the time you start shopping so you can find a home that accommodates your vision in the price. Old construction or new construction? Have you considered what this might mean to you as a future home owner?

    Another thing that you might consider when passing by that for sale sign is the yard. Most people under value the importance of considering the yard too deeply in their purchase. You may have fallen in love with that house with the beautiful corner garden and the enormous fenced in backyard but did you imagine yourself mowing the grass? Will you maintain it to that standard? Maybe you’re willing to pay for a yard service. These questions can save you years of aggravation and a yard fallen into disrepair. What is your style, what can you realistically maintain. Yard or no yard? Big or small yard? A VERY important thing to consider when shopping for a home.

    These are just two quick examples of what you as a future buy may have overlooked when house shopping. They may seem small but for the long term satisfaction of your purchase these are two examples to consider. It could have a profound impact that you may not take into account now. After all the purchase of a home is not a in the now choice, it’s a choice for your future. Have a vision of your future home and let us help you realize it. Contact an agent at Prescott Real Estate for more information today.

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