Why New Home Buyers Should Move to Prescott AZ?

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    First time home buyers often find it difficult to choose their new home town. The reason can be because of the expensive real estate market and high property values. However, Prescott gets a better rank for property investment and new home buying than most cities in Arizona. Here is a detailed list of reasons that each new home buyer should consider while deciding whether to move to Prescott or not.

    Competitive Real Estate market:

    The local real estate market is competitive. Thus, buyers can expect to find low mortgage rates because many local banks offer great deals on housing loans here. Although the home buying process can be complicated, the market here is flourishing. Finding a new home at a reasonable and negotiated price is possible in Prescott. Experienced realtors can help with finding a home matching your tastes, budget, and interests. Understanding the market will help find a good price on a home for you and your family. Luxury home buyers will find a plethora of ranch homes, luxury villas, and golf homes and properties.

    Family Activities:

    The city offers endless outdoor and recreational activity choices for guests of all ages. The scenic hill ranges bordering the city offer everything from rock climbing to hiking and horseback trail activities. Outdoor enthusiasts will find awesome choices of adventurous and scenic hiking opportunities in Prescott. Families moving to Prescott can enjoy and take part in regional events held in this quaint and picturesque city. Residents in Prescott Valley celebrate many cultural festivals and seasonal events year round. If you’re a Rodeo fan, then you’ll be excited to know that Prescott is home to World’s Oldest Rodeo.

    The city also boasts a rich history and heritage. The old downtown in Prescott features a historic area: the Whiskey Row. You will find many historic hotels, old bars and famous restaurants here. For golf enthusiasts, Prescott has four pro golf courses aside from the public and private ones. Nearby towns also house numerous public golf courses, which are just a few minutes drive from Prescott.

    School Districts:

    Families planning to move to Prescott will be happy to know that the city has renowned school districts. The Prescott Unified School District is one of the oldest and most popular learning communities in our country. In total, there are four charter schools and 20 public schools in Prescott. There are K12 and four private schools in this city. For higher education, Prescott has Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the Prescott College, and a campus for Old Dominion University. The main campus of the Yavapai Community College is in Prescott.

    Those interested in learning advanced courses such as Aeronautic Science can find bachelor’s and advanced associate degree courses at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. As the city is home to the satellite campus of Northern Arizona University, students can pursue their higher education degrees here as well. Working professionals looking forward to taking a degree course may consider enrolling at the North Central University in Prescott.

    Cost of Living:

    The cost of living in Prescott is a bit higher than the national average. The household expenses and utility costs in Prescott are comparatively cheaper than other cities in Arizona. Similarly, the grocery, transportation and healthcare index in Prescott is lower than national average. All the above mentioned elements make Prescott and excellent place to move. If you’d like to know more about Prescott or purchasing property or a home in Prescott, then contact the Tim Eastman group.

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