History of Prescott

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History of Prescott

Prescott, Arizona represents one of the most historic towns in the
southwest. Today, it resides somewhat off the beaten path, but in its
hay day, it was a main stop in the old west. It became a territorial
capital and retained that status for sometime.

Many intensely interesting facts revolve around the history of
Prescott. They date back to over 9,000 years, when ancestors of the
Yavapai Tribe inhabited the area. A rich conglomerate of pre-historic,
Yavapai and Sinagua artifacts can be found throughout the region.
Today, the Yavapai Reservation borders Prescott.

With the Spanish, the U.S. Cavalry, gold rush and silver miners,
homesteaders and adventurers, new cultures and lifestyles were
introduced. During the mid and late 1800’s Prescott grew and
flourished. Its dazzling beauty, pure water and temperate weather
earned renown.

The History of Prescott, as a town was officially begun in 1864, when
Congress and President Lincoln designated its establishment. The goal
was to get mineral riches in the area for the benefit of Union forces
in the Civil War. It was named after historian, William Hickling

History of Prescott and Prescott Today

The town was protected by Fort Whipple and served as the Territorial
Capital and county seat for sometime. Although, it lost its place as
the county seat to Tucson and in 1889. Then, Phoenix was given that
status. Shortly thereafter, in the year 1900, a devastating fire swept
through the town and destroyed all its wood-constructed buildings. No
one was hurt, and the towns people rebuilt with brick and stone. Many
of these buildings remain today and signify deep historical roots and
a rich heritage.

Today, the history of Prescott shines through with a modern overlay,
creating a desirable place to visit and to live, rooted in its western
history. It’s a place where people may not always say much but when
they do, still say what they mean, with a good neighbor spirit and
hospitality. It’s a place where you can find both old and new in
amazing choices for living, working and playing. From historic and
vintage homes to established and brand new homes, the town’s
residential market comes brimming with desirable options. People of
every age group and family size can find something tailor-made to
their preferences. They can find Prescott real estate
in master-planned neighborhoods, golf course communities, 55 plus
communities, country estates, a stunning array of custom home sites,
land parcels and much more.