Prescott AZ

Prescott Quick Facts

Culture, designs, history, natural beauty, and community make a particular location uniquely different from its surrounding countries or places. The Prescott has many distinctions as to why it is uniquely different from its surrounding regions or countries.

One interesting fact of Prescott is its various home designs originated from Queen Victoria’s time. These architectural design styles include the Gothic Revival, the Crystal Palace (1851), and other Crafts and Arts movement.

Another thing why Prescott is more exciting than others is its historical events. One of these is its historical area, the Whiskey Row. This Palace Restaurant and Saloon was created in 1877. They rebuild it after the fire that almost it this historical place. Now this place is one of the oldest strong standing businesses in the entire region.

Did you know that the Prescott was initially built to cater to 40 men? It is true. Then in 1916, a women’s wing was built to shelter 20 women. In 1929, the place was expanded again to build Arizona’s Hospital for Disabled Miners. These are only a few things about Prescott. If you continue reading, you will discover some more!

Some Awesome Facts from the History of Prescott

In 1989, Rose Mofford, the Arizona City Governor, designated the Prescott as the “Arizona’s Christmas City.” Its something to ponder since Christmas is an event that has been celebrated for hundreds of years worldwide. Having this title in this country appears that you will feel extra special if you celebrated your Christmas in Prescott.

In 2000, the start of historical places preservation. It includes the Whiskey Row and the other 11 Registered Historical figures within the city. It helps to maintain the extraordinary events from the past. It makes the Prescott uniquely different because of its past identity and how far it improve over time.

In 2004, the Preserve American Community was started. Laura Bush, the First Lady, led it. Since history is essential for discovering beautiful things that happened in the past, it is also our gateway in identifying what needs to improve that can help in today’s generation and the future.

In 2006, the Prescott’s National Trust for Historic Preservation established the “Dozen Distinctive Destinations.” These are some of the things that highlight Prescott’s overall historical events, making it more attractive for potential homeowners.

In 2008, Yavapai Courthouse Plaza was recognized as one of the first “Great Public Places” located in America. The recognition came from the AMP – American Planning Association. The two most intriguing things about this place are its iconic view of the Central Park of New York City and the Beach of Santa Monica in California.

It makes sense why most people are enjoying visiting the Yavapai Courthouse Plaza since it will not only take you from one place but will take you to three different parts of the world!

Last but certainly not the least, to mention happened in 2012.

In 2012, One of the reliable magazines, True West Magazine, recognized that Prescott was the Number 1 True Western Town of the year 2011. While the “This Old House Magazine” included it in the “61 Best Old House Neighborhoods” in the United States and Canada. It pertains to one thing: Prescott’s property’s longevity is award-winning and impressive to recognize by these reliable review magazines.

Prescott’s Properties Fun Facts

When it comes to natural beauty, the Prescott has been blessed to have numerous sites where it outshines your imagination. For instance, available properties are offering the Mountain Views. These mountain views are breathtaking and excellent for couple dating. What makes it uniquely impressive is you can enjoy your privacy. With its stunning views, you can create your temporary chair inside your property to enjoy your morning coffee with your favorite book and mesmerize the incredible views from higher ground.

Another fun fact about Prescott is its several available properties that can answer your needs and might be the solution to your problems. If you want to do some sports like golfing, some properties offer Golf-course Homes. If you love animals like horses and dreaming of experiencing a horse riding activity, there are also Horse Properties available for you.

You can also choose sites near the city like townhomes and condominiums. If you have some security issues, the Gated Communities are there, too. If you dream of getting newly constructed homes, Prescott has many options where you can choose from.

If you notice, the people interested in having a Prescott property are increasing exponentially over the year. It means you are not the only one interested in being part of this fantastic place and its hospitable community. If you do not want to be left behind, we suggest getting your Free High-Value Consultation with a Professional and Licensed Real Estate Agent now!