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Prescott Schools

Many exciting things are waiting for you in Prescott, Arizona! Its mountain view will greet you with warm sunlight and fresh air. Newly constructed houses are waiting for you to occupy them and make some precious memories! The golf-courses are there, too. The horse trail is waiting for you to enjoy the horse riding activities with your lovely spouse and favorite comrade!

While these things are true and fantastic, there is more to know and enjoy about Prescott! Besides the incredible community, you can also have access to prestigious schools. Continue reading to discover those schools!

Prestigious High Schools in Prescott, Arizona

Here, we will share with you some insights about these schools.  These top-notch schools are mentioned from different review websites, like the, and they are undoubtedly one of the best schools where you can send your kids and have peace of mind about their education. Plus, with their extra activity programs, you kids can hone their minds and their body!

Tri-City College Prep High School

First in our list is the Tri-City College Prep High School. The school is also known as TCP. The school is famous because of its theme: Keeping the high standards and assisting its students to reach them. What makes the school more exciting is that you can let your kids join its basketball team if he wishes to. Your daughter can join, too, to the school softball team. You can visit its website to discover the unique advantages once your kids enrolled in this school.

Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy

This school is popular with its story. The Northpoint was a dream before. A dream of a mother who wants to challenge and nurture her son’s mind and heart. The school aims to create a vibrant and healthy learning community. Also, to work in shaping their students to become thinkers as well as problem solvers. If this is what you want your kids to be, then you better check the school’s programs now!

BASIS Prescott

BASIS Prescott started in 2014, August. Initially, it has over three hundred students and thrives on teaching youth as many as possible. The school aims to bring world-class education to their small hometown in Prescott while positively impacting their community. There are too many to mention the highlights of this school. But the overall comment to mention about this school is if your kids want to learn and grow, then this is an excellent school for them!

PACE Academy

One of the excellent schools you can find in Prescott is the PACE Academy. Its mission is extraordinary when it comes to student-focus benefits. Their mission is to provide students a secure environment to obtain and maximize the educational program wherein they will recover credit and soon earn. With this in mind, they want to make their students grow as ready adults for college or career.

Bradshaw Mountain High School

The next on our list has a competitive mission. Bradshaw Mountain High School’s mission is to give its students a comprehensive and world-class education. Their Core Values support it. Strategic Priorities make them more shine upon the eyes of parents living in the Prescott. With this, it makes sense why their mission is attainable and why most parents have the confidence that their mission will deliver its value to its students.

Bradshaw Mountain Online Academy

The Mountain Online Academy was created to assist students who chose the non-traditional way of learning. Mostly, what the school is offering is virtual educating. The expert’s direct-instruction videos, multimedia, on-screen teachers, and other interactive learning programs are available.


There, you have it, the top-notch schools located in Prescott, Arizona. Here’s more to know as to how you and your kid will enjoy the Prescott.

You can be excited about the events conducted in Prescott. It will not only help you grow as a citizen but also will help you to create a great network of friends. From here, you can imagine you, your family members, and your new-found friends having a night gazing with cheering beers! Or enjoy the hiking in one of the mountains here in Prescott.

Now, imagine this: Today is your day off from work. You have taken your breakfast with your spouse and kids. Your kids want you to drop them in front of their school instead of going with their School Bus. They are super happy because you did. You had an excellent conversation with them. You, too, we’re super happy because you discovered new things about them. On your way back home, you thought about how far they will go in life. Then you smiled, assuming you are the best father they could ever have!

Now, if you wish your kids to experience the learning opportunities available from one of these schools in Prescott, then planning to transfer or have your new property in Prescott is an ideal thing to do. With that, you should only talk with a professional property expert.